Attack On Titan PS4/Vita Trailer Released, Looks Absolutely Amazing


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  • Lupin III

    Whoa buddy! This looks so fun and with how popular the series is it’ll more then likely see a stateside release. Looking forward to more information about this game.

  • Kurae

    “To be honest, I almost can’t believe what I’m seeing is actual gameplay. Omega Force definitely has stepped it up to prove that they are definitely capable of making games that aren’t Musou.” -My thoughts exactly.

    Agains, thanks SG.

    • Tengu Prodigy

      Exactly. If it truly plays like this, free-movement, online-mode, no QTEs for killing titans, I’m in. Looks fantastic.

  • I’m not surprised its looking so good! They know how to deliver a game. Plus they already said it wouldn’t be a Warrior-style game and its looking promising.

  • Kiera

    It was cristal clear that Omega Force could make other Games than Musou, they proved it with Toukiden. And the Trailer looks good, not amazing for me, I don’t ee much Variaty but I trust Omega Force they will bring it in 🙂

  • randy191993

    Damn this looks good. I really hope they bring it to the West. And if they have something like the 3DS games worldmode i won’t complain either… but if it comes to the west it’s a sure buy anyway.

  • Michael Daniels