JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Trailer #3 Revealed At TGS Conference


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  • AzIz

    This trailer was extremely amazing , things i’ve hoped for were confirmed , costumes , diverse team DHA ( DIO with Dio brando is an example , you know the rest ) … story mode looks really interesting and good … everything was good … hype is real

    • Wait until you see the Story mode cutscene digest… that was so awesome and funny!

      • AzIz

        Where i can see it ? 🙁

        • It was an early showing at the EoH Stage yesterday at TGS, but it will eventually be up on the website/Bamcos Youtube. The date isnt confirmed but it should be soon knowing them.

  • delSai

    Fantastic trailer. Weather Report looks insane, all the DHAs were pure hype, alt costumes are confirmed… perfection.
    And 2v2 online on top of that, it’s not really surprising that its there but good to have confirmation. Do you know anything about local split screen, Jack? Thats the only thing missing.

    • AzIz

      There was a glitch about it in the 2nd demo but nothing confirmed for now.

      • delSai

        Yeah, i saw the video. I hope it is not just a glitch heh.

    • 4P Online is a great addition. I think Split screen won`t be a thing personally (mainly because they would push the fact we have a bigger range of view of the whole stage).
      Cross platform online though!

      • delSai

        Split screen in arena games is always a bit meh, so it’s no big loss for me, was just wondering if its in.

        Cross Platform on the other hand (i assume you mean Ps3 vs Ps4) is a huge megaton tho

        • Yeah, Cross platform should make it (not sure why they haven’t confirmed something so small).

  • AzIz

    2vs1 confirmed

    • For Bosses 😀

      • AzIz

        Oh yeah , i forgot it was even in the 1st demo XD my bad

  • captain!

    Love that father/son Muda with DIO and Giorno

  • Christopher Osagie

    Now this is a proper trailer,I’m impressed 😀

  • Reuben Malone

    I do believe that it is Naples station, isnt it?

  • Hypehypehypehypehypehypehype

  • Rich Homie Kwon


  • Ahtma


    That’s Prosciutto and The Grateful Dead.

    • AzIz

      But only as a stage hazard

      • Ahtma

        He definitely looked like a regular character getting hit by Mista’s bullets.

        • AzIz

          He is a stage hazard that you can hit. Take a closer look, there is already 4 characters in the stage. And it’s impossible to include new characters in the trailer without saying so, or any previous announcement..

  • Jotaro and Jolyne Kujo “ORA!” is hype!