Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul Official Website Translations


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  • Sabo

    I cannot find this anywhere for me to purchase in North America. I’ve tried Amazon, I’ve tried PlayStation Network, I’ve tried GameStop. It’s nowhere!

    • Xesthan Rikudo

      It’s not out everywhere else until October 6th. And you won’t be able to get a physical copy in North America. Digital only.

      • Sabo

        I know, but Bandai Namco said there’s a pre order bonus, or is it day-one edition? Limited edition, whatever you want to call it.

        • Sabo

          It says pre-order. I can’t pre-order if it’s not available for me.

          • imichigo1

            yo its not going to be available until October 6th, it will come with the pre order bonus just like the last game did

  • 0kratos

    i have the game and it’s really awesome

    • Xunder


      and lol I was planning on making a profile pic like that ounce cool 🙂

      • 0kratos

        u can take it , go ahead 🙂

  • Really good game, some controls have been switched to differ it from Brave Soldiers but it’s still a really great game, love the way they utilized cutscenes with the animation models in this game, and on PS4 it looks even more beautiful.