One Piece: Burning Blood Getting Localized, Coming to Xbox One As Well


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  • Kiera

    Very good News to get it confirmed other than Super Grand Battle X. March 2016 in Japan and August in the West is my Guess.

    • HystericalGameZ

      Nah. This is probably gonna be similar to the Storm release schedule, where the game’ll come out in both places within a week of eachother.

      • Kiera

        Would be a nice Suprise but I don’t count on that yet^^

        • Froggy Lord

          The way the announcement is going, they’ll probably be released pretty soon from each other. First trailer was in english, and they immediately announced localization, which doesn’t usually happen this early.

  • British_Otaku

    Nice to see Xbox fans getting… their first One Piece game? I think it took this long for one to happen. Hope PC gets a chance for the sequel.

    • I’m quite shocked its coming to Xbox, rarely does that ever happen to Anime games, let alone Japanese ones.

      • British_Otaku

        One Piece is the big one which sticks out to me. Naruto had exclusive games for the Xbox 360 and shares with the PlayStation family often nowadays. Dragon Ball has had games on the original Xbox (I think it was just one American developed game) and basically never missed a game for following generation.

        One Piece has been getting games since the PS1 and WonderSwan, but I suppose barely having any reach in America as a series meant developers/publishers weren’t tempted to try the Xbox out or use it to reach a bigger worldwide audience by porting it.

        The Xbox doesn’t get a lot of Japanese or anime games, but it has had a shot with almost every series but One Piece (at least as far as anime which are over a decade old go).

        • I know Naruto had exclusive games, like the Rise of a Ninja series was Xbox 360 exclusively. But Naruto had a few ones solely for America, since Xbox is obviously more popular in the US than Japan.

          You are referring to DBZ Kinect, which was a critical and commercial failure. DBZ was always more popular, rarely any DBZ games skipped America.

          I am aware of the several One Piece games, but like I mentioned Xbox wasn’t present in Japan so there wouldn’t be much of a demand for them. Because of 4kids giving OP a rocky start we rarely got any OP games to begin with.

          Seeing the new generation of gaming certainly opens up windows for new opportunities, only the more popular anime series will ever get Xbox ports. Or there could be other variables we don’t know about either.

          • British_Otaku

            So a game based on a Japanese anime license using the Japanese voices as an option only counts if it happens to release in Japan then (those Ubisoft games released everywhere but Japan)? Would you say that the exclusive American and European One Piece games don’t count either? I do suppose that the Ubisoft title are a little different as they owned the rights to Xbox 360 releases based on Naruto, so they didn’t really have a choice since Japan probably wouldn’t buy too much of them even if they did.

            Not just DBZ Kinect but Dragon Ball Z Sagas were games on the Xbox platform based on the license.

            We got plenty of One Piece games if you count Europe and America together dude. >_>

            Anyway, my point was that One Piece has been getting games since before Naruto has and even though 4Kids messed up some part of the series coming to the west, it is still surprising that it took so long for this series of systems to even get one lazy port.

            • Like I said, it can vary.

              Oh I know there have been a lot more exclusives, that one was just an example. In the past there have been more successful ones that did well in America, Blue Dragon being an example.

              I know that there have been several Europe released, the Unlimited series being one. Although they were subbed.

              I understand your point on OP games, but it comes down to licenses and platforms. Most OP games in the past were either for Nintendo or Sony, Burning Blood is the first OP game to ever be featured on Xbox.

              • British_Otaku

                Dragon Ball Sagas wasn’t actually an exclusive but shared with the PS2 and GameCube. I mentioned it because I thought all I needed to show was that when it comes to series which are comparison to One Piece, that the Xbox had some games even if it had to share them.

                It isn’t just several. If you go over all of the console and portable releases of One Piece games, we have only missed on two portable Nintendo One Piece game (Gigant Battle 2 and Super Grand Battle X – no one cares about Gear Spirit) collectively in recent memory, Dragon Ball has more games missing actually with arguably four portable DBZ games (Ultimate Tenkaichi, two Cardass games and an NES collection – not to mention the arcade Zenkai Battle Royale).

                I feel that your American perspective might give you the impression we missed out on more than we have, with so many games making it in some form and how Xbox has a foothold in the UK (probably One Piece’s weakest market in Europe but still), it had more room for a game than you give it credit for.

                Definitely, I made the guess that this was the first Xbox One Piece game without reading the press release. My point (sort of repeating) is that an Xbox One Piece game is a lot more surprising than an Xbox version of almost any other license, nothing else.

                • I know all about the Gigant Battle series, Gear Spirit and Super Grand Battle X, just because it doesn’t release in English doesn’t mean I haven’t heard of it. I’m kind of surprised SGBX wasn’t released overseas, the 3DS is quite popular.

                  An American perspective? I’d like to think not. Like I said, I look into all sorts of new regarding game releases, anime or not. Just because it hasn’t released in my country doesn’t mean I’m batting an eye to it.

                  Since DBZ has been around longer its no surprise a lot of games haven’t made it in English, portable or not.

                  Maybe I should have been more specific, its not a surprise that Xbox is just as popular in Europe, I was simply talking about Japanese Xbox games compared to America.
                  Don’t get me wrong, it not like I was denying or trying to exclude out England or anywhere else in Europe. I simply wasn’t referring to then in my comments.

                  • British_Otaku

                    The games I was talking about were all very recent, most of them on the same platform so they should be very comparable cases. It isn’t like I quoted DBZ NES and SNES titles next to a One Piece DS and 3DS game. So being around longer isn’t really relevant.

                    More specifically, Xbox is just as popular in the UK, it trailed behind the PlayStation in almost every other European country last generation. Now, I’d think there is a bit of a gap again.

                    Fair enough, just saying that since we only talked about three series, each of which have extensive Wikipedia articles listing all of their games and release dates. It makes sense to leave no stone unturned.

                    • I know just how popular Xbox is overseas, its not really surprising how popular it is in the UK. But honestly I’m not sure on the ratio now between PS4 and X1.

                      Quite so. Its always interesting to learn about the different releases overseas compared to ones own region. Going back to OP, did you ever get the Unlimited Cruise series? I’m assuming that from your name you are from England correct? I loved Unlimited World and was disappointed Cruise was only released in Europe and subbed to boot.

                    • British_Otaku

                      I think it is fair to guess that the PS4 is leading everywhere now, especially with Sony securing more exclusive DLC than last generation for high profile games.

                      Yes, I did get Unlimited Cruise (and I even imported the US and Japan only Unlimited Adventure – I will get the Japanese one eventually), but unfortunately I really didn’t like Unlimited World Red at all. Found it to be a betrayal of most of the strengths of Adventure and World.

                      So I don’t know whether you will end up liking Cruise/Adventure much even if they are among my favourite anime -> game adaptations.

                    • Its no secret that the PS4 is doing well both financially and critically, its been like that for quite awhile and nothing seems to be slowing it down.

                      I liked World Red, but it just didn’t feel right. Graphics and gameplay-wise it clearly surpassed the previous Wii games, but something didn’t fit well overall.

                      At this point I’m probably not going to get Cruise, I still have Adventure and I rarely play my Wii, plus I watched videos on everything related to Cruise so nothing will surprise me, even though its an improved version of Adventure.

                    • British_Otaku

                      I’m actually convinced that only graphics are a definitive improvement between the Wii games and Unlimited World Red. Fishing was more engaging, bug catching was more engaging, environments were huge in those games, you had a larger moveset, the story felt more logical (a rival of Roger summoning a copy of people Luffy met makes a lot less sense than a video game random monster even if that monster picks people Luffy hasn’t met), the whole crew felt important in cutscenes + the world and environments were more imaginative.

                      Movement and jumping were improved I guess, but they didn’t even have environments to express it short of a town which only has balloons and some NPCs talking to you to test it out.

                    • Clearly graphics and gameplay felt a lot smoother, but I didn’t like how certain characters had such tiny movesets and certain weren’t playable. The previous Wii games also had this issue where certain characters were limited to about 3 attacks, so I was hoping it would improve.

                      Story-wise it was well written, Patrick Redfield was a unique character. His abilities and background were cool, and what was more interesting is how he truly never lost to Luffy in the end.

                      More or less the rest of your points are practically the same way I feel, although I enjoyed the town setting with my only complaint is that its very confusing at times.

                    • British_Otaku

                      The visuals were outstanding definitely, but it didn’t really make much use of it in the vistas it let us visit in comparison to even Unlimited Adventure. I just remembered that the game had occasional camera switching nonsense which could get you killed. On the note of movesets, Unlimited Cruise has much bigger movesets and lets you switch through multiple ones on the fly (honestly think Adventure has a good flow too even if it isn’t as graceful as World Red).

                      Red made a fun character to watch when interacting with the crew and Pato (I wish it was translated as Pat >_>), but the reappearing environments and characters didn’t seem to fit him I think even with the justification through Pato.

                      If they ever do another town for a One Piece game, I first hope that it acts as a hub to directly get to lots of environments much like in Unlimited Adventure or Megaman Legends 1, not to access a menu of linear tracks. I also felt really bad that I had no option to use other characters in the environment. Give them unique skills to more around quicker, let them climb ladders, let me switch between everyone, give the stronger ones a bigger jump.

                      Adventure and Cruise did a great job and making everyone feel useful in the game and had notable moments in the cutscenes, World Red followed a lot of notes from other games but didn’t make it.

                    • That was something that looked really appealing for Cruise, being able to switch movesets for the Strawhats. By the looks of things Cruise seemed superior to Adventure.

                      Pato was his official name in both the English and Japanese releases, his name probably comes from a Japanese word/terminology of sorts. What bugs you about it specifically?

                      As cool as Luffy is, it would be a good idea to explore the hub world with different characters in a future game. I doubt Burning Blood probably wont have a hub world seeing how its a fighting game, but maybe in the future.

                      That’s something I noticed too, I try to keep everyone leveled evenly even though my main players in the story mode are Luffy, Zoro and Sanji. Save for using other Strawhats for getting past obstacles not everyone is made well for battle.

                    • British_Otaku

                      I haven’t played Cruise thoroughly yet (waiting till I get the Unlimited Cruise SP’s Japanese version – though I have all releases of the European one you can imagine). However, yeah, the general consensus is that Cruise improved a great deal.

                      I do have a few things I miss from Adventure like the single island concept which made for tons of routes to new areas (not that Cruise has World Red small environments) and how the Break Rush needed a little more skill there.

                      Specifically? I just feel that it would be much more natural if localised as “Pat”. We don’t call Patrick Redfield “Patorikku Reddofīrudo”, also considering how Pato’s name comes from Red’s (not Reddo) real name.

                      I tend to use the Monster Trio a great deal as well, but never felt so forced to stick to three people or Luffy since One Piece on the GBA, a game which only had Luffy as a playable character and needed his mechanics for platforming. The others tended to be fine for combat as well with their own useful skills like Nami stealing, Usopp sniping (which did get a novel FPS option in World Red I suppose), Robin’s crowd control and Brook running on water (real time in Cruise!).

                    • While I see your concern, but his name is literally Pato. I see what you are trying to say, it’s pretty easy at times for translators to mix up names with or without Romanji. In both English and Japanese hia name is spelled out “Pato”. But now that you bring it up, Pat sounds cuter.

                      I still have to finish the story mode, I beat the Coliseum mode first and I’m halfway done with the story mode. I was sidetracked.

                    • British_Otaku

                      I can argue that a lot of names in One Piece or other media could be spelled another way. Wanted posters fortunately confirm and seal a lot of the deal, so no one has to argue Rufi vs Luffy.

                      I would be happy to give up my whining if I saw a source using the spelling “Pato”, not just a Bandai Namco translation of a game but something like Japanese promotional materials. That said, I don’t care all that much. Pat seems to make more sense and seem cuter, but as long as he only exists in one game, I don’t have to think of it much.

                      Coliseum before Story? I guess a lot of players of the localised version probably wanted to see Dressrosa in a game real bad. Hope you enjoy the rest of the game anyway.

                    • I know you aren’t trying to make it a big deal, but its not that wild of a name to mess up in translating.

                      In Germany Luffy is called “Ruffy” because of the mix up with translation. In Japanese L and R don’t have any consonants so in situations like that translations can be tricky depending on the situation. I mean sure sometimes mix-ups can happen but its that situation where we can clearly distinguish that its Pato becase the name is clear and precise in spelling, and the fact they say the name with no romanji or accents.

                      Plus Namco has top-notch translators. I don’t recall them ever screwing up a name. They were the ones who straightened out the Bills vs Beerus spelling.

                      Well at first I played the story and got up until the first encounter with Red, then I did some side quests to level up the town, missions to increase stats, then went to the Coliseum so I could unlock everyone. I know what to expect and plan to enjoy it all!

                    • British_Otaku

                      If Luffy was a throwaway character who never had a bounty poster for a proper spelling to be shown, I could agree. We have gone back and forth about many names in the series which were only introduced with Kanji or Kana. By the time, Germany localised the series I’m 99.9% sure that they could have looked the anime or manga’s bounty posters among other things to be sure what someone should be called.

                      Both Ruffy and Lysop (Usopp) as I understand it are German examples of them taking the initiative to change the names. I don’t actually have a source on Luffy/Ruffy (though I believe it was to sound like “Rough”), but Usopp//Lysop and many others were done to make the puns or references more obvious:

                      I don’t doubt Bandai Namco have top notch talent, but it shouldn’t be this easy to argue a case for “Pat” if they did make the right decision. I can’t say Red would never name someone “Pato”, but given most names like “Red” avoiding “o” regardless of how the voice actors pronounce it… Beerus/Bills. Yes they did save us. Ideally, we should have been saved by official assets with English spelling earlier or by following the puns (Whis = Whiskey), but yeah.

                      I see. Glad to hear you are enjoying it more than me, I think it would be cooler to not know which bosses will pop up in the story even if there will be some surprises. Coliseum actually has bonus bosses you wouldn’t see pop up in the story.

                    • Nice of you to reference the OP Wiki, I work with them and those guys are fun once you get to know them. If you want I could just ask them, a few of them know a lot more about translation than either of us.

                      Either way I do agree Pat sounds cuter.

                      Its been awhile since I’ve fired up my PS3, I intend to finish World Red and Skyrim.

                    • British_Otaku

                      I’m a contributor on OP Wiki myself, though I haven’t done much in a while.

                      I wouldn’t mind you asking though I’m pretty sure that Ruffy and most other German changes would be a creative one. It has been a while so I don’t mind if you drop the localisation name subject much.

                      Skyrim released 4 years ago, you’ve had a while. 😛 I personally only played Oblivion thoroughly but never even finished that game’s story. After finishing DMC1-4 recently, I’ll be playing Lost Planet 3 and Megaman Legends.

                    • Oh really? I might have come across you before. My wiki username is the same here. I was apart of a lot of major editing, mostly I brought in HQ screens and things like that. Then there was a whole fiasco with debates with anime vs manga and one wiki user caused a lot of problems and was banned twice. I’ve been busy the last few months and have had barely any time to contribute, but I’m slowly getting back into it.

                      I’ll ask about that later today.

                      I should have been specific. I got into Skyrim a bit late, well the whole ES series technically. My first game was the Legendary Edition, so technically that was about two years ago since it came out 2013 in December.

                      I love the DMC series, I have Dante’s Awakening (DMC3) and got the PS4 DMC4 Special Edition. I love hack n slash games the most.

                    • I know its not a big deal and you are quite lax on it, but its not that out of place for the name.

                      In Germany Luffy is called “Ruffy” because of the mix up with translation. In Japanese L and R don’t have any consonants so in situations like that translations can be tricky depending on the situation. Sometimes mix-ups can happen but its that situation where we can clearly distinguish that its Pato because the name is clear and precise in
                      spelling, and the fact they say the name with no romanji or accents.

                      Plus Namco has top-notch translators. I don’t recall them ever screwing up a name. They were the ones who straightened out the Bills vs Beerus

                      Well at first I played the story and got up until the first encounter with Red, then I did some side quests to level up the town, missions to increase stats, then went to the Coliseum so I could unlock everyone. I know what to expect and plan to enjoy it all!

      • Bobby Jennings/Godless

        Naruto, DBZ?

        • Those are part of the exception. Since Xbox rivals Playstation in the US certsin games can be ported over. Then we’ve had a few American exclusive Naruto/DBZ games here too.

          • Bobby Jennings/Godless

            Xbox has always rivaled playstation

            • Yes, it does. But as I said, it only rivals Playstation in America. In Japan rarely any Xbox games are produced because over there Nintendo and Playstation dominate. Not sure if you can see it, but I already explained it to someone else below here.

              Very few Japanese games get an Xbox port in America unless they know there will be a significant deman for it, and the fact that Xbox obviously does well here.

      • TheGameTagerZ

        I have to disagree if we’re talking about anime in general and obviously lets ignore Naruto and DBZ. There has been a lot of xbox exclusive anime games in the past on the 360 and it’s steadily growing on the Xbox One. Mostly visual novel and anime shooter games though.

        Some more examples (excuse the caps I’m literally just copying and pasting):
        SUPER ROBOT WARS XO (Xbox 360)
        X-EDGE DASH
        The Idol [email protected]
        Record of Agarest War
        Nurarihyon no Mago: Hyakki Ryouran Taisen

        Blue Dragon
        Steins Gate

        I could go on for ages on the amount of Japanese support the Xbox gets. Is it as much as the PlayStation? No, but we can’t really be shocked about the anime games, but really more so Bandai finally leaving the area of “mostly playstation” to a broader field.

        • Did I ever say there weren’t any Japanese Xbox exclusives to begin with? No, I just said its a rare thing, anime games or not.

          But to be specific, Microsoft is pretty unsuccessful in Japan, the X1 launch sales over there reached an all-time low, with no more than 100 of them sold.

          Like you mentioned, in the past it was primarily 360 games were supported, but now gradually there have more games getting ported over, exclusives or not. Clearly there is support for it in Japan, but as already sais its not as much compared to Playstation or Nintendo, since those primarily dominate.

          I’m quite familiar with Blue Dragon, but ever hear of Bullet Witch? It was a 360 exclusive made in Japan but brought over to the US. It was pretty terrible I hear.

          Regardless, it seems that Japan is going to try to work with Xbox again by at least releasing Xbox versions of their games in the US.

          • TheGameTagerZ

            Why can’t we just have a conversation without the “but I never said this” I’m aware you didn’t I’m just putting the information out there than even the Xbox platform has exclusive Japanese titles. It’s not rare actually, like I said I could probably name a good 70 titles that are only on Xbox in Japan. There’s a crap ton of visual novel, anime blaster/shooter games on the 360 platform alone. The Xbox One will be getting it’s first batch with Tatsunoko and three other titles.

            I’m not defending that the Xbox is holding it’s own down there as you said it’s pretty bad, but I had to come in when you said:

            “rarely does that ever happen to Anime games, let alone Japanese ones.”

            ^For namco games I agree but otherwise that was a pretty bold (not to mention wrong) statement to make.

            • Well that’s what it seemed like so I was simply defending it. I’m sorry you had to take it that way if there was a miscommunication. None of that was the intention, and for the most part we have decent conversations.

              Again, did I ever say there were only 2 or so games? I never denied that nor did I doubt the amount of Japanese Xbox games. Whether 70 is an exact number or an estimation it doesn’t change the fact here. And I’m sorry you interpreted what I said literally or if there was a miscommunication.

              I am not denying anything nor did I exclude any information from my comments. If you want to get even more specific that’s just fine, but please do so in a respectful manner, because that was a rude, pretentious way to end your comment. Just because I disagree with your feelings doesn’t mean I am wrong.

              I’m not bold, but simply realistic here and I’m sorry you see it that way. In the end my point still stands whether you want to accept it or not: Xbox is not successful in Japan as time has showed us. It doesn’t matter if they have over 70 or 100 games, be it visual novel, anime, American-made, it sells poorly over there regardless.

              Playstation and Nintendo dominate over there, is only natural. America gets certain Japanese games ported or exclusive because for obvious reasons, Xbox is popular here.

              That’s all, nothing more and nothing less.

              • TheGameTagerZ

                You don’t have to put a shield up by saying “I never said this” like I said before I’m very aware what you said or didn’t say. I was responding to your one quote. I didn’t make the point of how many games it had to show that the Xbox isn’t dead in Japan. It was to answer your “it’s rare to see an anime game on xbox” blurb you made.

                That specific part was what I’m trying to explain to you. There’s a ton of Xbox Japan anime games they just don’t make it to the west a lot of times. Like I said I think you should of said “It’s rare to see Namco anime titles on Xbox” because that’s correct.

                As for the last part that’s obvious like Storm 4 is only on PS4 in Japan for example.

                tldr; my point isn’t about sales, or how the xbox is doing that’s obvious. Just the way you worded anime games and xbox was wrong and too broad.

                • I used nothing as shield, I responded to your comments because it seemed like you were treating me like I’ve never seen a Japanese Xbox game. I never used anything as a “shield”, but only responded in a way that was appropriate to the situation to clear things up.

                  Again, yes I’m fully aware of all the Xbox games in Japan that have not made it, I should have made that comment more specific if this happened and you misinterpreted it.

                  I worded it just fine, just because I wasn’t specific enough for you doesn’t make me wrong.
                  Regardless of what you think I was talking about Xbox’ status in Japan, that was a highlight in a conversation I was having with the other person.

  • still no eyes of heaven announcement for the west…this bums me out. :/

    • Christopher Osagie

      Looks like it’ll be quite a while before that,if it’s even coming ;/

    • AzIz

      Even if gets one, it’ll be several months after the Japanese release. Just import the Japanese version and relax XD it’s not that hard to understand and i’m sure there’ll be some translations in the web.

      • i don’t mind waiting for a localized version, i just want to know if it’ll even get one…if not i will import for sure.

        • AzIz

          If ASB get one , i don’t know why this won’t get one. they’re from the same companies and developers and all, they also have the rights now. The only thing i can think of is the sales of ASB, i think they were bad in the west .

      • I`ll be handling the whole story mode, trophies and everything as always :D!
        Best to import, the only non-Japanese one confirmed atm is for Taiwan.

        • AzIz

          Thanks <3, Do you know what's the best site to pre-order ( using Visa ) with fast and direct shipping ( to the middle east ) ?

  • AzIz

    For people who still think it’s Caribou :

    • Kandis(SPS)

      Thanks for clearing this up, it was needed
      It’d be weird to announce a character thru a flame animation

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Yeah I was mostly on the boat for Croc, but I see why one of the writers thought it was otherwise since the image was very small.

  • Scott Baker

    heck was with the wierd turbine effect with sabos hand

    • Kurae

      It’s the move he used on Burgess.

  • Lifestreamer

    Well, no Caribou for now…;)

    I’m just afraid of Bartolomeo being a goddam turtle.

    • British_Otaku

      This game seems to be really stretching the use of devil fruit powers much like Gigant Battle (especially 2) did to the point of having logias be able to phase through attacks, perhaps players might need to use energy/Haki (for the sake of this game – I think all characters will be able to use it or that Logia defense will be vulnerable to a lot of things not just grabs).

      No idea how the barrier thing can be balanced without seeming underpowered though.

      • Lifestreamer

        I’m all in for an anime based game using peculiarities of the original series, but at this point I’m afraid that a game revolving around Haki and Devil Fruits so closely will become too gimmicky and may limit the roster greatly, GB2 did it right (the best case scenario was spike and ganbarion doing a collab), the first scan of Burning Blood puts so much emphasis on this that I’m getting a bit worried.

        • British_Otaku

          Yeah, I’m afraid of a shoddy roster (First priority is the whole crew! Even if some have no weird powers!) as well, not so much a game which is too gimmicky since we haven’t seen logias move while tanking yet.

          It seems to be an advanced guard which reminds me that Logia users had a unique perfect guard in GigBattle2 while Zoan types had a power boost as an option. I don’t think Paramecia types got something special but they do have a lot of potential to make everyone shine if they work hard.

          Ganbarion being on board would be a dream project given their decade and a half of experience. I could imagine a ton of nods to the manga with great action, hope Spike try to keep up with this first attempt (second including J-Stars?).

          • Lifestreamer

            Paramecias could guard break a lot easier in gb 2, a huge improvement from gb where “turtles” were very difficult to defeat and characters with regular guard breaking moves had the upper hand at most times (Teach lvl 3 special + Kuma = OP).

            A dream collab indeed, actually replacing spike with DIMPS should be even better.

            • British_Otaku

              That reminds me how much I abused Law’s support move for the reach and negate guards. Good to hear all devil fruit types had something special aside from their obvious water problem (more damage – I think fishmen took no damage).

              I’m not so sure about either Spike or Dimps personally, neither studio has made an action game hit which I’ve felt like spending time with in a while. Dimps just got on the anime map again with Xenoverse which I’m not interested in for some reasons. Spike Chunsoft has floundered so many chances with Dragon Ball recently, but Attack on Titan was pretty packed rough as it was.

              I might take a look at the record of the directors behind the projects, I bet most Bandai anime projects don’t get much room for budget or development but maybe that’ll involve me whether the talent is still there.

  • Peyton Killingsworth

    does that mean that it will be english dub???

  • Cant wait for my Hancock-chan <3

  • Sabo

    So was Bandai Namco Entertainment of North America jsut BSing everyone about Saint Seiya: Soldier’s Soul coming to North America on PS4? They tell me to pre-order it to get exclusive outfits, but it’s not out for pre-order.

  • Lunos

    And just when i thought that OPPW3 was going to be the beginning of a lovely friendship with the PC, this happens..
    I’ll still hope from the bottom of my heart for it to reach PC anyways tho.

  • khaos

    is ace and enel doing a tag ultimate?