JoJo Eyes of Heaven Scan Teases Original Character; New Story Details


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  • Kujo Dio and his Stand: Star Platinum The World Requiem.
    Calling it if true!!! :B

  • Kurae

    God please, let this come to the West. I would hate to have to import it.

    Btw, any One Piece news?

  • delSai

    Oh, so kinda like Xenoverse with the original characters there, cool. He’s probably Pucci from Another Dimension or something like that.
    Bit disappointed that there’s no other characters (unless thats still coming), need to get as much out there as possible! Cant wait to get my hands on this game, Story mode sounded generic and boring at first but its shaping up to be pretty cool!

    • AzIz

      Of course there’s more, we’re still missing 5 characters from ASB and i’d be surprised if there isn’t at least one new character for part 5 and possibly part 8. Also i think that’s Dio from another universe, not Pucci. He has DIO on his knees ( you can’t see it because of the translation ).

      • delSai

        Oh, i meant more reveals for this week lol. Of course there is more.

        Feel like Trish is a given. Yeah it’s probably God Dio or Jesus Dio or something like that then lol.

        • I think we`d get Abacchio before Trish (mainly because she is one of the most disliked JoJo protagonist team members here in Japan).
          Yeah as Azlz said, the character has a Backwards D on his right leg and a normal D on his left leg (also check the Star on his shoe).

          The next 3 characters to come out should be Gyro, Johnny & Valentine (due to 3 characters missing from the Tournament`s Prelim`s) and I`m sure we`ll be getting at least another 3 brand new characters.

          • delSai

            Didn’t know Trish was disliked. Maybe Nero then heh. I hope one of the brand new characters is Soundman, he’s one of my favorites.

            And i cant wait for the Dio & DIO vs Diego and God DIO matches.

            • Yeah, I mean there is a chance she makes it but Abacchio is something a lot of Japanese JoJo fans would want to see 1000 times over compared to Trish lol.
              Yeah we need Abacchio/Nero/Ghiachio or a Prosciutto (w/ the ability to summon Pesci) as a new Part 5 playable.

        • AzIz

          I think it’s just another Dio like Diego , perhaps Valentine has some important role here. Can’t wait to see the clashes of all DIOs lol

  • AzIz

    Really glad they didn’t go for the manga story mode route , this story mode is a big fanservice.
    Myabe he’s Dio from another universe ?

  • Alan Noacep Togente

    omg, original story and characters from Araki-san… That will be awesome, new Stands 😀
    On the other hand, any One Piece scan?

  • Buru

    That “original character” might be another DIO.

    And I’m guessing there was no One Piece scan this week?

    • HystericalGameZ


  • Trulynd Hall

    I like the Idea of an original story, I’m sure there will be a way to inform newcomers about the lore and events of the story. But I’m excited to see this original story, and character(his stand must be crazy)!! Araki-sensei is working on it so I have faith in that!

  • Dylan

    the scan original please? 🙁 i want to see what is in the down of the credits of the translation xd D:

  • Daniel DayMaker Banks

    Just can’t wait Just can’t wait Pucchi is gonna steal Heavens door to combine it with Made In Heaven Diego being Diego is gonna use Pucchi in secret and obtain Eyes of Heaven

  • Ahtma

    To the left of Pucci in the visual I’m pretty sure those three faces are Kakyoin, Avdol, and Zeppeli. On the right you can see Fugo.

  • Kongoh Bancho


  • Ashura Otsutsuki

    who can be the original character

  • Lunos

    If he’s DIO, then that wouldn’t count as “Original character” at all but as another version of an already existing character tho..

  • ShonenJUMP Lover

    so what character do you guys want in. mine probably won’t happen but i want silver chariot requiem as a playable character