Kishimoto Gives Itachi & Shisui Their Own Perfect Susano`o in This Week’s Storm 4 Scan


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  • HystericalGameZ

    Naruto: Itachi & Shisui Save the Mushroom Kingdom.

    • TheUnBiasedOne

      Lol that Mario and Luigi parallel too strong.

  • TheUnBiasedOne

    Too much Hype!!

  • Naruto_2015

    This is awesome!! *_*

  • Kurae

    Shusui’s Susanoo looks really good. Best design.

  • Haru Onodera

    Tell me this is a joke…

    • Mitsunari Ishida

      Why u think this a joke?

    • Why?

    • Morgiana

      It’s a joke.

  • AzIz

    Itachi’s Susanoo looks fckng ugly.

    • Uayvoc

      I don’t think you are getting what it means as in the half mask attributes to itachi’s double life as the fake bad guy but good all along. And not to mention it has a crow vibe to it 😀 I think its perfect for him.

      • AzIz

        I know , i just think it looks ugly.

        • Achned Walters

          It looks intimidating as its meant to ^_^

          Who ever heard of handsome battle armor?

  • sawada91

    What about Shisui’s Susanoo with the drill? Will it be just a Revolution exclusive?

    • Matt Rosenthal

      look closely at the gameplay scan is lance has a drill at the end of it

  • Enzevil

    This looks so awesome, really a big suprise for me! Way to go, CC2 & Kishimoto! I also hope Itachi gets an updated/new moveset, since it’s the same since Storm 2. The Edo Tensei version really deserved one, he showed off a lot of new moves during the battle with Nagato vs. Naruto and Bee. Anyway, thanks for the awesome translation!


      yessssssss itachi deserves a nee moveset. one of the best characters in the series no doubt.

  • Shonen Jump

    Any one piece film scan?

  • LucsXIII

    YOOOOOO THATS AWESOME *-* Thanks for the fastest translations alive! Great work!

  • Akirascreaming

    Thats cool and all but its pointless they didnt even survive that long to get that kind of susano, instead of this they could give us sound 4 :I god damn it kurenai, anko, and a lot more

    • J Walk

      Flawless logic. The time and money of 2 awakenings = 6 characters

      • Jordan Maurice

        well they already have semi complete movesets and jutsus with the models already made I say semi complete because when you use attack type in rev or jus use attack in storm 3 they have a moveset so it would be

        possible to have those characters done in about the same amount of time as this but I get your point

    • Jordan Maurice

      well techinically they might have inadvertently announced them when they said you will be able to switch between your whole team mid battle

  • Akirascreaming

    I hope itachi finally will get new moveset :I

  • Ah this proves that Kishimoto truly was the one that design the Naruto 5K Uzumaki Barrage.


    OH FLIPPING YES! THANKS KISHIMOTO AND THANKS FOR TRANSLATING AS ALWAYS SHONENGAMEZ! HYPE! i would like one for obito too even though his is kakashi’s but i am completely happy with this! delay was worth it! four months to go!

    • ShonenJUMP Lover

      no his isnt kakashis he’d have a totally different one from kakashis the susanoo belongs to the person not the eye.


        i don’t know man, all this uchiha power that kakashi had was coming all from obito BUT the scar on the susano’o is definitely kakashi’s influence. and yess

        • ShonenJUMP Lover

          it doesnt matter whos power. the susanoo still belongs to person not eye/power


            ok then lol


    Everything is right with the world. My favorite uchiha and his best friend finally get the powers they deserve. Am I sad they weren’t in the anime? Yes. Do I give a crap? Nope. This is pure beauty.

  • xSorrow123

    This is kinda ridiculous.

  • These comments are gonna make me drunk.

  • randy191993

    Can’t wait to wreak havoc with my Itachi/Shisui/Sasuke team awakening…. take that Madara!

  • Eko Hardiyanto

    Only madaras’ perfect susanoo that don’t have wings

    • STEVEN

      I think I saw a screen shot of it having them.

  • funnymitchell

    itachi’s susano’o looks drunk as h*ll >_<

  • ☢Sasuke Uchiha☢


  • Master Blazen

    Imagine Sarada unlocking the MS and having the Susanoo

  • Preston Ray

    What did my eyes just see…