Sasuke & Taka Discuss Naruto Storm 4 in the Latest Scan


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  • Leland South

    Nothing new really I think CC2 is running out of things to show us.

    • Akirascreaming

      The problem is that there is a lot of content they can use, but they are just faggots

  • Leland South

    Hey SGZ can you ask if the roster is finished or not? I’m really curious to know.

    • HystericalGameZ

      Even with the delay, and even if they don’t make any new characters during the next few months, I HIGHLY doubt that they’re out of characters to announce tbh.

  • Whatchadointherebro

    Please ask them why the hell does Juugo still looks like that -_-

    • Trulynd Hall

      simple, they don’t think they need to change the character. I mean how many Jugo players do you see online(if people still play the latest one right now)?

    • Prison Clothes are the trend nowadays.

  • STigersPrank

    Can you ask if with the end of the storm series, we can expect more of naruto stuff to come from cc2?
    Is the game being polished or just not finished to be delayed to early next year?

    Thank you SG for reading and maybe asking 😀

    • Bdock3601

      At least we have rainbow sasuke and rainbow sage naruto costumes

  • Akirascreaming

    And still same s h i t no updates cc2 great job you done it again

  • Akirascreaming

    It seems all that delay was useless

  • SaviorOfTheWorld

    Why does Sasuke have perfect susanoo, did they get rid of EMS Sasuke altogether?

    • Ash Allen “Scruffy” Chancellor

      No, that’s Rinne Sharingan Sasuke’s Awakening. Do you even read the manga or watch the anime? To not include that would be ignoring canon. What makes you think EMS Sasuke is gone?

      • SaviorOfTheWorld

        I don’t think you understood what I was saying so i’ll clarify…the scan shows Sasuke entering perfect susanoo in his story mode battle against the hokage. In this battle, Sasuke shouldn’t have Perfect Susanoo. Because Perfect Susanoo is rinnegan sasuke’s awakening, I’m asking if they replaced EMS Sasuke in Storm 4 with Rinnegan Sasuke.


        • Saiyan Soul

          No it doesn’t, it shows him entering perfect susanoo in a free battle, you can clearly see Naruto’s character art there not the hokage’s.

        • Kamuikenshi

          I don’t think that’s Rinnegan Sasuke in the scan.I think it’s EMS Sasuke and they gave him PS,because why not almost everyone else has a PS with just a regular Mangekyou,even Itachi and Shisui.With this they can also replace Six Paths Naruto’s and Sasuke’s current awakenings with their 3 Headed Kurama and Indra Susano’o.

  • IDontKnowWhatShouldICallMyself

    Is there any one piece burning blood news?

  • roockie112

    Wow seriously they are gonna leave Team Taka like that? , what a shame man no love for them that just really made me mad .

    • Akirascreaming

      Same and I m one of the players who play them :I

  • PurexedSolitude;

    They should add these chibi versions in the game cuz why not?

  • ShonenJUMP Lover

    this game has dissapointed me with characters a little. No Zetsu, no taka updates. and characters like rin in it…