Gyro Zeppeli, Johnny Joestar, President Valentine & Other World Diego Join Eyes of Heaven


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  • Chopperman93

    Great that there is also the second Diego!

    A scan of One Piece also came out?

  • AzIz

    Two Dios and Two Diegos ? , i see… not to mention the big mysterious Dio.
    I personally was hoping for The World Diego since the beginning but a completely new characters would be better.
    Also , how like how they created The World from the beginning to match the manga version instead of copying the one from part 3

  • delSai

    Hope there’s more SBR characters to be announced. 3 Returning characters and one newcomer who has 2 versions of him :/
    Like the colors on the characters tho, Silver Bullet looks weird. Thanks for the translation, Jack. Can’t wait to find out who else is making it into the game. And in 2 months i can finally play the game!

  • captain!

    5 DIOs lmaooo

    im dying

  • Pedro Victor

    I would have been okay with loading both Diegos when you pick him, and then one of his specials could switch between versions. But it’s alright nonetheless.
    But man, 5 DIOs. This is gonna be fun.

  • ShonenJUMP Lover

    why are people saying 5 DIO’s i only count 4

    • Mike Makc

      It’s highly hinted that the original character could be another DIO.

    • Mike Makc

      It’s highly hinted that, the original character could be another DIO.

      • ShonenJUMP Lover

        hmmm actually missed that scan but after looking at it looks like dio, maybe after he “achieved heaven”?

        • bruh

          its been confirmed that the original character is DIO that obtained heaven. Also the world changed. DIO Stand is called “The World Over Heaven.”

    • AzIz

      Diego and DIO are technically different characters , just like Johhny and Jonathan. i can understand people’s point of view though. i think it’d have been way better if he had a different voice actor.

  • Mike Makc

    To bad there is no Ringo for the moment. Mandom is the best !