DBS Chapter 5 Spoilers: SSGSS Name Change, Female Whis Name Revealed & Beerus Relation to Champa

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  • Kamuikenshi

    Super Saiyan Blue huh…Guess I’ll get used to it eventually 😀

    • BAE might be “BI”-polar;)

      I almost got used to ssgss so this will be adjusted to just fine.

  • Sleepingdragon55

    Well that sure sounds way better. the name SSGSS was way to long anyway

  • Quinton Bowman

    Thank god they changing the name.. that long ass name thought up by stupid fans.. and they went with it… They accepted golden Frieza but hell no to SSGSS

    • Zero

      What? Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan originated from DB Xenoverse.

      • Tom


      • Matt Rosenthal

        It didn’t the movie was leaked before DBX was even announced much less leaked

  • AzIz

    A tournament ? lol interesting. but i’m a bit disappointed, looks like all Universe 6 characters are similar characters from universe 7 ( twins ) so i doubt we’ll get a completely new characters

    • michael

      dbs won’t be only about universe 6

    • Daniel

      I think thats why earth doesn’t exist in Champa universe,so we won’t have twins of the characters we know.

      • AzIz

        Oh yeah that’s true..

  • Matthew Kenny

    Wait there are no humans in U6… How can they form a 5v5 tournament with Earthlings?

    • BlitZStriker518

      Earthlings don’t have to be humans, If you’re born on Earth then you’re a Earthling. Piccolo is an Earthling.

      • Florian Régnier

        Well Champa (or the traduction) said “humans” and not earthling… And I
        first thought that signs of humanity meant signs of life, but that last
        thing my be wrong. Well still it is weird. Maybe there are humans who
        have left Earth before in U6 or maybe it did not really mean “humans”.

        Wait and see !

      • Tom

        Piccolo wasn’t born on earth

        • BlitZStriker518

          The nameless Namek was sent to Earth, He wanted to become guardian of Earth but he couldn’t because of the evil in him, So he separated it and the Good became Kami and Evil became King Piccolo. Fast forward to when Kid Goku kills King Piccolo, King Piccolo shoots an egg and later hatches on Earth, then it became Piccolo Jr So Piccolo is an Earthling

          • Tom

            Well when you say it like that it’s true. I was thinking of Kami.

    • Ken Smith

      It’s 12 universes meaning they aren’t just referring to earth they could be talking about planet vegeta in universe 2 and planet namek in universe 9 or the other million planets in all the universes do you understand?

    • Matt Rosenthal

      Im wondering who they’re going to choose for the other three for U7 gohan is for sure and piccolo and maaaybe tien?

  • Ahtma

    They are literally calling it Super Saiyan Blue. That’s great.

  • RinnyChan

    O.O Gosh dang it Vegeta…. Are you really trying to be better then Goku-kun?!?! >:O Super Saiyan Blue eh? o.o Uh…. What a kinda boring name.. At least it’s not long though.. O,O

  • Final Fantasy 7 Fan Boy

    Super Saiyan Blue doesn’t sound so badass. Come on now!

    • asfsdfsag

      It was suggested by Whiss, so that’s understandable, I doubt Vegeta will ever use that name, but who knows.

  • RandomShinigami7

    Well, “Super Saiyan Blue” rolls off the tongue better than “Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan”. I still prefer TeamFourStars “Blue-per Saiyan” (Lani says it during a few of the Xenoverse playthroughs), but whatever.

  • michael

    I knew it champa and vados aren’t villains,i think that’s great also all the gods aren’t the same,this is great too. this is the best Manga chapter so far

  • captain!


  • Hunter Kuhl

    Why was goku sent to earth? To destroy all life. Let that sink in.

    • Ryan

      Not anymore

      • Ryan

        In Dragon Ball Minus which rewrites over Dragon Ball main storyline.
        He was sent to earth by Barwick to escape from the destruction of Frieza

        • Blowe128 .

          The Z Warriors in Champa’s universe are to not be considered protagonists… Details of the Twin Universe Saga were revealed a long while ago back. Bardock told Baby Kakarot that he did not want for him to be a evil savage saiyajin. What had happened to Goku was meant to be. In champa’s universe if he is not SSJG-Blue vegito, he will be much more like Vegeta used to be, maybe.

        • Führer Sasuke

          stupid. the original was much better

        • Tom

          Who’s Barwick?

          • Ryan

            It’s a typo that auto correct Bardock to Barwick for unknown reason

        • I like the other one better.
          Being sent to Earth just to escape the destruction of Planet Vegeta? That makes Goku sound like Superman.
          At least with the eradication of life plan, it made Goku and Superman’s origins different.

  • coconga555

    !! If there is an Earth with a different history, maybe there is a Planet Vegeta that never got blown up!! Maybe they can bring Vegeta there to see the Saiyans!

    • Matt Rosenthal

      BARDOCK MIGHT BE THERE! I dunno if this could be possible but maybe time in the 6th universe is different than the 7th so it could be entirely possible bardock was flung into the 6th universe via frieza’s supernova and crash landed on the pre tuffle/saiyan world and that’s where it could make sense with lord chilled being around and with that unlikely interference the time could be distorted to where everything is entirely different and unique like goku married bulma and vegeta married chi chi… wait a second if i’m right… a earth ravaged by war… no it couldn’t be…HAHAHA! TORIYAMA YOU ARE A TRUE GENIUS! WE’RE GONNA SEE FUTURE TRUNKS AND GOHAN! LET THE BADASS MUSIC START!

      • Steve Bakewell

        Eh not really.. Timeline is not a different Universe.. its just different timelines of the same universe.

    • Jaime

      Vegeta didn’t give a flying nimbus about the Saiyans. Trust me.

      • Matt Rosenthal

        Dude he was freaking CRYING about his people and home world being blown up back on namek by frieza his pride was instilled as being prince of what he thought to be the greatest race of beings

        • Steve Bakewell

          That was dubbing crap.. in the original he’s just crying pathetically asking Goku to beat Freeza.

          • Matt Rosenthal

            least it’s better than your negative attitude troll

            • Steve Bakewell

              LMAO butthurt much? all i did was state the facts.. the older dubbing is bullcrap&inaccurate watch the properly translated DB:Kai dub or read the original Comic!(properly translated of course).

              Vegeta was crying because he wasn’t strong enough.. you weren’t supposed to sympathize with him just pity him for the pathetic loser he is.

              • Matt Rosenthal

                Again troll much?

                • Steve Bakewell

                  again butthurt much?

                  • TheGameTagerZ

                    Alright ladies

      • coconga555

        But he did care about ruling Planet Vegeta

  • randy191993

    I thought Saiyan beyond God was their new basestate with SSG powers absorbed with that white aura?

    Super Saiyan Blue…. meh. I like SSGSS.

  • Corey

    are you serious!!! a tournament!! i am so excited now. i love tournaments and cannot wait to see this. though, every shonen that has a tournament always had teh tournament be interrupted.

  • Corey

    goku 2 is probably going to be evil and i wont be shocked if the saiyans are alive too

  • I still wish ‘Super Saiyan God’ were just called ‘Saiyan God’ and ‘Super Saiyan Blue / Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan” were just called ‘Super Saiyan God’ haha. Still, as silly as the new name sounds, I definitely prefer it over it’s previous name.

    I think the new name fits their personalities though; it seems like something they would come up with.

    As for ‘Blue-per Saiyan’ I find that to be even less appealing than ‘Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan’. Blooper Saiyan… No thank you haha.

    • Lamar

      I’ve been saying the same thing

    • TheAGamer

      Yeah I had the same Idea too but with A Theory about changing
      It and Akira Not Thinking about a sequel to BOG

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    Ok, the 1st name was too long and stupid, but this one is just stupid.
    That’s some progress…

  • Omnipotent


  • Anthony Thompson

    The hype is strong in this one

  • Blowe128 .

    Some have mentioned it and it looks like it may happen…Twin-universe SSJG-SSJ Vegito is coming? A Ultimate Super Gohan as well, as he should have been?

    • Steve Bakewell

      My bet is on Ultimate EVIL Gohan or Goku.

  • Gamejtv

    It’s silly and simple. But I guess so is Super Saiyan when you think about it. So I guess I’m fine with the new name.

  • Blowe128 .

    A 105 page+ manga chapter??!

    • TheGameTagerZ

      No, the page started on a certain number in the magazine.

  • Bakir

    Man i’m so hyped

  • Ashley Jensen

    i love this i like the name super saiyan blue better than ssgss

  • [Unsigned Monokuma] #Despair

    This will be canon by the end of Super

  • Master of gods

    Well what if there is a stronger goku or xicor

  • Master of gods

    Ssj god blue

  • Steve Bakewell

    Whis: “How does… Super Saiyan Blue sound?”
    Sounds fukin’ gay!

    • Setorrs


  • British_Otaku

    I’m not sure if Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan is better or worse than Super Saiyan Blue. Both are pretty honest names as both scream being out of good ideas. >_>

  • Swagnato

    It could of just been called super sayain God 2

  • Yuukihime

    LOL It’s almost like Dragon Ball Multiverse came to life. Can’t wait to see it on the screen!

  • I’ll just call it “Awakened Super Saiyan God” or “Super Saiyan God 2”.

  • Alyssa

    Wait…… wouldn’t this mean that an evil Goku exists? And maybe Vegeta even became king? I can’t wait for this ark! Ugh, the tension is to much, only an english dubbed episode of Dragon ball super can help me! >.<

  • PrimmestPlum

    I haven’t been keeping up with the DBSuper episodes lately but I hope we actually get to go to these other universes. I think that would cool.

  • I still think my fan name of “Blueberry-Flavored Super Saiyan” sounds better than either Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan Blue.
    Super Saiyan God is Cherry-Flavored, and Golden Frieza is the Walmart Exclusive Golden Amiibo Frieza.
    So, this confirms that Champa and female Whis do live in another dimension, but they’re Beerus and Whis’ siblings?
    I liked the idea that they were alternate universe counterparts to them, instead of their brother and sister, but eh…I guess it works.
    I hope this series shows what the other universes are like. The internet has spoiled me to expect something like Dragon Ball Multiverse, though I bet it won’t be like that.

  • Gavanny Rodriguez

    I can’t wait to see the god of destruction tournament! It is going to be awesome!