Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden Online Battles and Dragon Ball Heroes Collaboration On The Way

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  • Damn, now it’s kind of tempting to get a 3DS. Clearly Heroes won’t make it to the US, but Butoden still looks good. Usually I can’t stand 2D fighters but it seems worth it.

  • Final Fantasy 7 Fan Boy

    Now all the dumbasses who hated this game for the lack of characters and online will buy it now.

    • MoatsG

      “Now all the dumbasses who hated this game for the lack of online will buy it now.”

      Fixed that for you.

    • Robin Huber

      well they didn’t add any characters, just supports

  • Loki

    Hey Kevin Sanchez/GameTagerZ, what do you think the “planned collaboration” will be?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I saw your post before you edited. I assume you read the scan and corrected yourself. But possibly SS4 Gohan.

  • randy191993

    One thing i don’t get in Butoden: What is the DP Limit for? It says you can only use a maximum of 35 DP. But if you take the maximum number of chars with the maximum DP cost you can only recah 35 so there is essentially no limit…

    • rc_on

      You can make a team with a 7 dp character and 4 assist characters with 7 dp each (total of 35 dp)

    • Kavith Pandithan

      In versus matches, you can set the amount of DP you can use.

      • randy191993

        ah i see

  • Steven Hunt

    Isn’t Mira more of a demon homunculus than an android?