JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 4 Diamond is Unbreakable Anime Confirmed

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  • Sabo

    *Twirls mustache*

  • Mitsunari Ishida

    YES! YES! YES! I’ve been waiting fo r this news since Stardust Crusaders ended SO HYPE, Joseph illegitimate son WTF.

  • Daniel DayMaker Banks

    Finally!!!!! Great!!! Higashikata Josuke my favorite JoJo

  • AzIz
  • This is awesome! I just get into Jojo for no more than a year and wonderful news keeps coming! I’m glad its getting dubbed as well, I was surprised that Warner Bros of all groups licensed the anime but I have no complaints, they have an all-star cast and its getting more recognition.

    • Warner Bros. Japan fun david productions so that is why Warner Bros. in the west also handles the JoJo anime :)!

  • OH MY GOD !

  • Lifestreamer

    Anyone doubted “Diamond is not crash” was coming? Great news.

  • Trulynd Hall

    This is the best news of all october!! I can’t wait, I suspect summer or fall of 2016

  • ShonenJUMP Lover

    lets hope i can add this to my 2016 watch list

  • alex smith

    Omg bruh i been waitin for this i cant wait to watch this