Check Out One Piece Burning Blood’s Everlasting Flame With The Latest Trailer


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  • NZH97

    I want to see Zoan and Non-DF users also I find it strange news coming out in NA/EU before Japan

  • Lifestreamer

    They nailed Bart so well, I wonder what they could do for Cavendish, who also deserves a spot.

    • Hagaren

      Call in his horse Farul as an assist!
      Also, transform into Hakuba!

      • Lifestreamer

        I main Gyro in JoJo all star battle and I would kill 3 puppies to see Cavendish and Farul going at it together…but it’s not that likely unfortunately.

        A perfect move to see both acting should be a lvl 2 special : “Biken – Zant-Exupéry”.

  • Hagaren

    Hope the game has alternate outfits. I need Afro Luffy in this.

    • Lupin III

      Yes! Afro Luffy needs more love.

      • TheGameTagerZ

        Also agree

  • Ever since the first trailer my blood has been burning ever since, this trailer made it burn even hotter than before! JUMP Festa hype is reaching high-levels since there should 100% be a playable demo there for it. Knowing the controls and what activates what, the anticipation is spectacular!