New Naruto Storm 4 Scan Details Adventure Mode, New Online Events, and Character Skits


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  • Allante O’Neal

    His hand is bandaged. Weird that he’s wearing his shippuden costume with that.

    • HystericalGameZ

      Just mean’s that its before The Last, but after his fight with Sasuke.

      • Allante O’Neal

        Ahh makes sense.

        • tylerc23

          He had a new outfit in 699 though

    • tylerc23

      I know, I wish it was the outfit he wore in 699 and I wish Sakura’s hair was down in the front

  • izzy saint

    DLC before the game is released….great

    • HystericalGameZ

      Not sure why people think that most developers didn’t work on DLC’s before the games actually released, especially when some aspects of the game are near completion, and they have team members not doing anything.

      • izzy saint

        For the good of the gaming indusrty i just don’t like to hear DLC before the game comes out. Maybe after a week of launch sure but not before it comes out. Maybe thats just me

    • Ⓣⓡⓐⓥⓘⓢ ( O Y O )

      This isn’t surprising

      They always do DLC

  • LeonardoM

    Damn… a story AFTER the Sasuke Vs Naruto final battle??? I’m so digging it. I hope it has actual good story and not some weird requests like in the other games.

    As for DLC, it could be another uniform pack, since it sold quite well I think. Also probably accessories? Or it could be new stories and events. Damn DLC. Why all developers love DLC… oh wait. Money.

    • HystericalGameZ

      They said no more costume DLC.

      • LeonardoM

        We’d never know. Storm 3 and Revolution’s DLCs majority are costumes, they can change that statement anytime.

        • HystericalGameZ

          No, they can’t. They’ve literally said that they won’t be doing DLC costumes post launch. That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works.

          If they said that the DLC isn’t going to be a bunch of costumes, then it isn’t. It has to be something else.

          • Masahiro Sakurai also said that Super Smash Bros would not have any paid DLC, and it has quite a bit of it now.

            • TheGameTagerZ

              A little unfair to compare another developer with CC2 honestly. We could do that for any game or any person for that matter.

              • But the fact of the matter is that developers can make claims, but it doesn’t guarantee what they say will be carried out.
                Your nemesis Saiyan Island reported this same scan and showed images of Naruto and Sasuke in ponchos. Those are costume DLC and if they aren’t included in the Day One edition, then they are post launch DLC.

                • TheGameTagerZ

                  Nemesis lol it’s not even that serious. Funny enough I couldn’t find those costumes online anywhere. I did some back tracing and ended up with nothing so I couldn’t update the article.

                  Edit: I found them, but what SaiyanIsland was wrong about is that they did not come out and say what the DLC was. SaiyanIsland made an assumption and found those ponchos. I did some digging and it supposedly exclusive to South America.

                  So their report as of right now is probably false. We’ll find out by monday I’m sure though.

    • Matt Rosenthal

      Well the reason for DLC is that sometimes there’s just too much content to put on the disc so they give it off in chunks i believe it also deals with the amount of memory the disc in question can hold.

    • If Masashi Kishimoto is involved with this game, which he is, the story should be good.
      That explains Itachi and Shisui’s Perfect Susano’o. Perhaps they’ll be involved in the story.
      And there’s nothing wrong with DLC when it’s done properly. Look at Super Smash Bros. So far, the Naruto games have primarily just had DLC costumes, but those are usually interesting and add cool new content to the games.

  • TheUnBiasedOne

    Great job translating.

  • Max Wilmot

    Any Jojo EoH in this weeks jump?

    • I`d be all over it if it was, good sir!

      • Sabo

        I thought it was Monthly Jump?

  • Junior Raborg Crovetto

    Please guren,pakura,7 swordmen ,kinkaku ginkaku,gari,toneri,kinshiki,momoshiki palpables Free adn zetsu negro obito playable please Saludos desde Peru

    • Gascan Kitty

      Heck yeah. We need more new characters.

  • Storm 2 free roam with less villages
    and more mailman missions. Cool.

    • OrehBelich92

      Wow how did u find out?

    • You don’t know that for sure “The Less Villages” part that is!!

  • Naruto_2015

    This is fantastic!! The fact that they didn’t remove Free roaming is cool 😀 I hope it is like or better than Storm 1’s free roaming. I hope the “experience the world of Naruto” also means we’ll be able to travel to the moon.

  • Akirascreaming

    Bruhh cant wait

  • Nshippuden Naruto

    I am so excited too run around and do quest

  • Now this make sense. Have the adventure mode happen AFTER chapter 699 lol.

    • Washoda Ajnin

      Yeah, it’ll be like filler episodes! 😀

  • tales

    smh SG. “Woohoo! A brand new Naruto Storm 4 scan is here”. the increase in watermarks. the increase in ads from 0 to 2 to 4. u guys are becoming just like SI. Worse cause these things u use to cry about it after u got fired and now ur doing it. that wall of text is annoying as hell too. u disappoint me

    • Thank you for your input, but may I ask what is SI? Saiyan Lamp?
      As gamers/lovers of anime & manga we want to bring the scans in a translated form for everyone to read. Saying “u guys are becoming just like SI. Worse cause these things u use to cry about it after u got fired and now ur doing it” makes no sense, unless you are a die hard Sl fan.
      If so, please enjoy Saiyan Lamp!

      • Sabo

        I think he meant “sí”.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          He knows. He’s trolling.

        • I know, but I like to have fun with people who don`t understand how websites work.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Hey guess what? A website that holds half a million people + a month isn’t free. Saiyanisland has 5 ads in one page with some that need to be closed out just to view the article (worse if you’re on mobile). Also, you most likely have adblock anyway so you really aren’t supporting anyone so I don’t see why you’re complaining. Without ads/patreon we wouldn’t last a few months on here. Not like you care anyway.

      What I’ll give you is that I’m not sure why there’s a second watermark. I didn’t typeset the scan (I never do since that’s something I’m not good with)

      12 comments? Private account. So hard to even take you seriously not even sure why you came here there’s nothing to be disappointed about when it doesn’t look like you liked us to begin with honestly.

      Wall of text? It’s called writing an article. Sorry that you’re used to the fast food articles your overlord S.I just give you “hey cool scan!!!” “check out naruto!!!!” then it goes straight to the image. If you prefer 2nd grade writing material then feel free to go back there. If you only came for the scan then look at the scan and go back to your cave.

      • tales

        keep ur panties on fruitcake. i’m trying to help u. i use to like u when u started but ur BS is taking shonengamez to the crapshoot. remove watermarks. remove ads. stop being a money hungry sonuvabitch. jesus christ. u dont even own the scans they are owned by shuiesha

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Once you rally to SaiyanIsland for watermarking scans for years and Arlong Park then come back to me.

          Till then I have to assume you’re only here to troll. It’s obvious you don’t like us. Removing the ads will have us non existent in a few months. Learn to read because I explained why. The ads aren’t even on the article the are on the right side. So you don’t click on them by accident, so they don’t bother anyone.

          You are of no help, like your posts are borderline cancerous.

          • tales

            omg wtf? im trying to help u realize ur errors and u r throwing BS at me? U R THE GUY that use to complain about watermarks AND ads. now its suddenly ok cause ur doing it? i followed u when u were on SI before getting fired too and liked u cause of those thoughts. now ur doing everything u use to hate. damn due it is u who has become the cancer

            • TheGameTagerZ

              Okay I’m going to explain this again to you like you’re a child with as few words as possible:

              1) Back when nobody knew us we only had to pay $2 a month to keep the website up

              2) Now that we have over 500,000 visits a month our monthly bills to pay to keep this website you like to use adblock on have increased dramatically.

              3) Watermarks as a necessary evil (sometimes). We don’t watermark anything we don’t translate. In this case we translated, did the typeset so I don’t see how that’s different from a site like MangaStream.

              4) Now that I explained ads to you in the least amount of words as possible, would you rather us shut down as a site because we couldn’t pay our monthly bills? Because literally it has gotten to that point.

              • tales

                I can solve all problems easy. Upload to tumblr. its free no ads no need to be evil.

                • TheGameTagerZ

                  You’re really pissing me off to be blunt like one more troll comment and I’m ready to block you. NOBODY quits their website to go to tumblr to post images. If you’re going to be a baby continue using adblock to browse the site over ads that werent intrusive to begin with. Again, it seems like you never like us anyway so by all means you don’t need to be here.

                • Why even waste time making a tumblr? At that point we might as well just make a large group chat & update everyone via iMessage.

    • HystericalGameZ

      Excuse me for being excited over a scan that has something that i’m interested in, and we’ve had no information on.

      The increase in watermarks? The link at the bottom of the scan isn’t even a watermark, that’s where the official site goes, I just substituted our link since we usually have the news before its even posted there.

      This is the difference:

      That’s a watermark to you? Anyone who follows these scans either has the official site bookmarked or comes to here or a few other sites for the info when it drops, because when YOU’RE too lazy to search for the info, we’re the ones who go out, get the info, and post it, so that you don’t even have to take the 2 minutes to find it for yourself.

      Ads wise, maybe we have 0 ads a long time ago, but do you know how expensive it is to run this site, get scans as early as we do in HQ, and have them all translated? Especially with the traffic we get, we work with big files in almost every article, that takes a toll on the servers, and we have to upgrade pretty often.

      Gonna reply to the rest as HGZ, and not as the owner of this site.

      A wall of text? EXCUUUUSE ME for explaining the content of the fucking scan, including the small text that is literally 1.5pt font on photoshop, that MOST people, unless they’re actually Scott Lang, and can shrink down to the size of an ant, can’t see that well.

      EXCUUUUUSE ME for providing insight on all of the different stuff that’s on the scan, what it could mean content wise because of the hints they throw our way, and why that’s good or bad.

      You’re the only random that would complain about something being explained clearly, over having just a haphazard explanation. And we’re like S.I?


      THIS. IS.

      Damn. Some people are SUPER unrealistic. Let this reply serve as a reply for anyone who feels this way, and acts this ignorant.

      I can do it too.

  • LucsXIII

    Great job guys! I wonder if this Naruto is a new character

    • He’s probably just a new costume for Shippuden Naruto.

      • LucsXIII

        I do think so too

      • I think it’s a costume for Naruto “The Last” and since the moveset of naruto from Storm 3 doesn’t fit him any more I’m sure this is just a costume the bandage on he’s hand fits that aspect so much

        • The moveset doesn’t matter. It’s the model they’re using that does.
          The Shippuden Naruto model and the Last Naruto model are different sizes, like kid Naruto and Shippuden Naruto.
          Bandaged hand or not, he’s using Shippuden Naruto’s model.
          Besides, if you’re concerned about the moveset, there are two possibilities here.
          1. This could represent Six Paths Naruto, with the model itself just being a regular overworld model.
          2. Regular Naruto could very well get a new moveset. In every numbered Storm game, this has been the case. Storm 2 introduced Shippuden Naruto, and while Generations also introduced Kage Summit Naruto, Storm 3 introduced a new moveset as a variation of Kage Summit Naruto. They could be doing the same thing with Shippuden Naruto here. Just a few new finishing combos and a new Rasengan animation that removes his Shadow Clones. It’s been done before, and it would make sense to make a new moveset for Shippuden Naruto since he does actually fight in a non-transformed state, at a few points during the fights against Obito, Madara, and during half of his final match with Sasuke.

  • Finally our own free roaming “adventure” is unveiled! Of course with the NS2 and NS3 aspects tied to it. But there will be a little twist most definitely. And DLC of course, there would have to be DLC as it has been present since NS3. But for this DLC people should surely expect more than just costumes as more opportunities for DLC are expanded this game 100% surely.

    ShonenGameZ thank you for the English translation, great work! On towards a great adventure with the Ninja’s of the final Narutimate STORM!

  • MoatsG

    I REALLY hope it its own thing and not part of the main story mode.

    • It should be a separate mode!

      • MoatsG

        Exactly. UN3 on PS2 did it right.

    • Hagaren

      Me too.
      Never liked this mode.

    • It may be its own mode, just like Ninja World Tournament and Ninja Escapades were separate modes in Revolution, Master Mode and Heroes Mode were separate in Ultimate Ninja 3, etc.

    • PurexedSolitude;

      But it being part of the story made it feel more anime like since you don’t just jump into a major battle, there is traveling involved.

      Though, I will admit, it does get pretty tedious.

    • tylerc23

      It is. This mode unlocks after you do Story Mode

  • Kamuikenshi

    Toneri is likely going to be DLC.If they get through more licensing they could put guys like Mitsuki,Shin and Momoshiki.

    • What’s the deal with the licensing anyway?
      Kishimoto is heavily involved with this game. All they have to ask him since they’re his characters. There shouldn’t be any license issues.

      • Kamuikenshi

        I have no idea but it was apparently tough for cc2 to get Boruto and Sarada into the game.

  • Gascan Kitty

    Sweet I hope you can wall run and I hope the events are like mini games. I want to see the sound ninja 4 playable next scan.

  • NarutoRudy

    It wars never SAID or WRITTEN in the manga or anime that Naruto obtained an artificial arm. The only moment where is written is in the novel written by the realisator of the movie Blood Prison. In manga, Sakura only speek of artificial arm for Sasuke. In The Last or Boruto, it’s never said in the novel, official book or movie that Naruto’s right arm is made by Hashirama-cells.

    • Sabo

      Well it has to be artificial. No way his arm just grew back…

      • Gяıммנσш

        It is remember A.his hand grew back.

        • His hand didn’t grow back. Tsunade created a new one from Hashirama’s DNA.
          Remember that she also made one for Sasuke, but he didn’t take it.

          • Gяıммנσш

            Yeah i know.

      • NarutoRudy

        At the end of the final battle of FG between Naruto and Sasuke, Naruto loose is right lung. But with Kurama chakra restore him entirely. It’s The same way for me to this right hand.

        • tylerc23

          No, no it isn’t. Read the manga, they say Tsunade made it with Hashirama’s cells

      • tylerc23

        Tsunade made it from Hashirama’s cells

    • Kamuikenshi

      It was said.And if his arm grew back normally which it didn’t,why would it have to be bandaged?

      • NarutoRudy

        In The official movie guidebook for The Last made by Kishi, it’s written is right arm is bandaged only for symbolize the bond between him and Sasuke. Only for that, no ôter reason. And read The manga, never said Naruto had hashirama’s arm. It’s just a theory but it’s possible.

        • Kamuikenshi

          It didn’t just grow back magically…

          • NarutoRudy

            Not magically but because Kurama’s power !

            • Kamuikenshi


            • Jessica

              If you read the part of the manga before sasuke leaves on his redemption journey sakura asks him if he wants the arm that tsunade made out of hashirama’s cells. naruto accepted his but it was in the process of being made. sasuke declines the offer because he said that it reminds him of why he is going on this journey. it was said in that chapter. kurama had nothing to do with that

        • Are you sure you read the manga?
          Nobody said Naruto has Hashirama’s arm. Naruto clearly stated that Tsunade was using Hashirama’s cells to make new arms for Naruto and Sasuke. Sasuke never accepted his, but Naruto’s arm is not his own.
          It was never stated that Naruto’s arm grew back, and artificial doesn’t mean he’s Luke Skywalker with a robot arm. It just means that the arm he has is not the original. It’s a clone made from Hashirama’s DNA.

  • I really respect CC2 for making the village, roads, house etc. more detailed, but what about the game characters themselves(particle effect have nothing to do with the characters, so don’t try to tell me that they are). Come on you can do that to can’t you.

  • Loganight

    My hopes for dlc are either characters or extra story chapters or hopefully both. Could release them in a similar fashion to FULL BURST. After the game launches, development should continue on 3 major story packs. First, a mission that follows the story of The Last and adds Toneri as a playable character in vs mode. Next up, a Gaiden mission that includes the story of sarada meeting up with Naruto and Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura teaming up to take down Shin. This would add Hokage Naruto, Adult Sasuke, and both Shins for new characters. This could also include some of the novel stories like Kakashi’s where they explain his purple lightning but it’s unlikely. Next up for the final pack they could release it one of two ways: 1. as a standalone dlc like the other 2 and then on disc later or 2. as a FULL BURST version of the game including all 3 dlc. For the third dlc you would receive a mission following the events of Boruto the movie. This would add new ultimates and team ultimates for Naruto, Sasuke, and Boruto. This would also add new characters for the kids and the Ōtsutsuki twins, as well as adult costume updates for characters who didn’t do that much but were shown. All of these would also add new stages for vs mode.

    • I’d back that up.
      Cc2 is worried about this game’s replayability. Adding the story would definitely keep fans interested, and new characters are always welcome.
      Too bad they aren’t taking a page from the book of Smash Bros and adding the option to choose what characters we’d want to see as DLC. In addition to the canon characters like the rest of the Swordsmen, Sound Four, Gold and Silver Brothers, etc., we could also vote for filler and movie characters like Guren, Menma, and Sora (from the Fire Temple arc, not Kingdom Hearts).

      • Gascan Kitty

        Hell yeah I definitely agree. C:

    • Well, you got your wish.
      The DLC is confirmed to be 2 new scenarios and four new characters

  • Josh Uzumaki

    Does anyone know if we will be able to pre-oreder this on PlayStation store

    • Possibly.
      Didn’t Pirate Warriors 3 pop up for pre-order before it released?

      • Josh Uzumaki

        Oh yea that was up for pre-order

  • Washoda Ajnin

    I hope the DLC will be Naruto and Sasuke from the Boruto Movie (if they are not in-game, already.)

    • Drew Peacock

      Or even better. A story campaign of Boruto or The Last. That would be so sweet.

      • xSorrow123

        Mhm.Sarada and Boruto should be unlockable

        • The new DLC where they mentioned “4 New Playable Characters” “Two Different Story Scenarios” and “2 New Costumes” I’m guessing the 4 new playable characters are Boruto/Sarada/Toneri/Momoshiki and Boruto/Sarada I think will be there for the people who didn’t Pre-Order
          Toneri and Momoshiki will be the final villians of the two story scenarios. and the two new costumes will be Naruto “Seventh Hokage/Gaiden” and Sasuke “Gaiden”
          I think that’s the only theory that makes sense

          • xSorrow123


          • Boruto and Sarada may be available to those who pre-order, but it wouldn’t make sense to make them part of the Season Pass.
            If that were the case, then those who did pre-order would be paying for content they already own.
            Seems redundant.
            If The Last is available as part of the story on disc, then the DLC scenarios should be Road to Ninja and Naruto Gaiden/Boruto the Movie as a combined scenario.
            The DLC characters could be Menma, Momoshiki, Kinshiki, and Shin Uchiha.

      • I’d back that up.
        The Last, Naruto Gaiden, and Boruto should be part of the story mode.

    • I agree.
      It would also be awesome if the adult Naruto and Sasuke had Team Jutsu with Boruto and Sarada

  • Oh wow, I didn’t even notice Naruto’s arm was bandaged until I read it in this article.
    That’s really cool.
    Maybe this mode is unlocked after you beat the story, since the main story is pretty much just a timeline.
    I wonder if Sasuke will only have one arm if you recruit him in this mode?

    • RemixerUltimate

      The Last Characters actually aren’t DLC, it’s a misconception. They actually are EARLY ACCESS, like Minato in Storm 2. You can still unlock them in the base game.

      • I didn’t say The Last characters were DLC. I just said that we already have them confirmed for the game.

  • John Curiel

    Sasuke all day!

  • Aside from characters, if the main story just ends with Chapter 699, then I want DLC chapters for The Last, Naruto Gaiden, and Boruto the Movie.Additionally, I wouldn’t mind seeing story chapters from other Naruto movies, namely Road to Ninja, but Blood Prison, The Lost Tower, etc. would also be awesome.

    I also believe I’m the only one who acknowledges the existence of these storylines, but I also want to see stories from the other Ultimate Ninja games remastered in Storm 4.
    For instance:

    1. Ultimate Ninja 2’s Gedo Mark Saga: Though this storyline conflicts with the later rules of the Edo Tensei preventing the revival of those who died via the effects of the Reaper Death Seal, it took place after the Tsunade arc of the original series. In this story, Orochimaru sets his sights on restoring his arms by forcing Tsunade to work for him, using a technique known as the Gedo Mark. He uses this technique to disable Kakashi’s Sharingan and take control of Naruto’s mind, turning him against Konoha. Additionally, he also uses the Edo Tensei to resurrect Zabuza, Haku, and the Third Hokage, using them against Konoha.

    2. Narutimate Portable/Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2’s Mugenjo: This storyline takes place after the events of Part I of the Naruto series. Orochimaru once again sets his sights on attacking Konoha, this time, summoning a floating castle of illusions. Naruto and company need to scale 100 floors to destroy the source of the castle’s power. Meanwhile, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Shizune head to the basement in pursuit of Orochimaru himself, who uses the power of the castle to make himself stronger.

    3. Ultimate Ninja 4’s Black Shadow: This storyline takes place shortly before Naruto’s return to Konoha in Shippuden. He and Jiraiya stop by a place known as the Tree Felling Village, who hosts a dead tree with a malevolent spirit inside known as the Black Shadow. Long story short, Naruto decides to destroy the Black Shadow to bring peace back to the village, and it’s renamed the Tree Revival Village.

    4. Narutimate Accel 3/Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3’s story: Set between the Hidan and Kakuzu arc and the formation of Hebi, this story revolves around a man named Shinga, a former scientist of Konoha, who wants to possess the power of seed of the Demon Shinki. Curiously, this alludes to the eventual storyline of the Ten-Tails, as the Shinki was a tree that could drain chakra from the surrounding land. This story also sees Sasuke team up with Naruto to defeat Shinga and his Jibakugan, though he later disappears to pursue Itachi.

    5. Revolution’s Ninja World Tournament: I actually had a lot of fun with this mode, so I hope it returns.

  • xSorrow123

    Sasuke goeson a journey after the final battle right?

    I wonder if we´re able to meet him during his journey then

    • Who knows?
      We might even be able to switch between him and Naruto, kind of like switching between Spidey and Venom in Ultimate Spider-Man.

      • xSorrow123

        Would be cool

      • LucsXIII

        That would be really cool

    • I think we will be able to switch to him from time to time he does move allot so we won’t even have to meet him maybe will get a time were we can do missions that just includes him

  • I hope this mode is like Ultimate Ninja 4’s Master Mode, where you can run, jump, Shadow Clone jump, dash, freely rotate the camera, and destroy objects with Jutsu.
    Aside from the camera angles, the thing I hated about about Storm 2, 3, and Revolution’s free roam was the lack of the ability to run faster. The characters are too slow.

  • Nick Kimberlin

    I wonder if we will get Naruto, and sasuke dlc costumes from boruto the movie?

    • tylerc23

      They will and they will be for The Last Naruto and Sasuke characters

    • Why Costumes? You know they where in Chapter 700, they don’t need Boruto the movie. They can be characters

  • laith

    guys imagine them remaking revoloution’s ninja tournament but with multiplayer how mad would that be and i would really love them to make single vs team but making a condition to make it fair and also imagine team awakening i dont mean the one thats already there i mean by like if you choose naruto + sasuke when you awaken obviously they could go nine tailed susano or add sakura to the mix you could go to the deadlock summoning state and switching between the three and it would be easy to make because in the boss battle they already have gamakichi’s moveset and katsuyu and aoda’s jutsu. didnt any of think that its wierd because they didnt add tonerei with the crew? AND im pretty sure the dlc is going to be gaiden and boruto movie costumes and character outfits

  • I see a new story mode. The Camera angle is very different from the normal camera angle when you are leaving the pathway to the Hokage Mansion.

    • Sabo

      I think one of the people in the industry, manipulated the camera to look that way.

  • Is there any news on whether or not Network Clone will return from Revolution?
    Or whether it can somehow be imported from Revolution, like the GTA Online transfer feature in GTA V?