Trish, Doppio, Bucellati, Diavolo and 3 Story Mode Mini Games Revealed for Eyes of Heaven


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  • imichigo1

    sweet news, I’ve been waiting for Bruno to be confirmed for so long… btw is there any storm 4 or burning blood news this week?

  • Hagaren

    What a nice surprise with Trish and Doppio!
    Guess that just leaves Annasui and FF (and maybe another Pucci) from Part VI and hopefully at least one more SBR character. Too bad Hot Pants and Sandman are only NPCs. Maybe Wekapipo or Ringo then?
    Oh and someone from Jojolion along Gappy, I guess. I still need to start reading that.

  • AzIz

    What if i don’t know how to play poker lol i may stuck in this mini-game for hours lol

  • DiegoBrando

    FF, Anasui, Wekapipo and possibly, Magenta Magenta next please. (Lucy Steel with Ticket to Ride or Abbacchio?)
    Are they planning to give Pucci only Whitesnake? C-Moon and Made in Heaven were pretty op back in ASB. They could at least give Pucci another character. I mean, we already have 5 Dios and 2 Jotaros. Might as well add one for the ga- loyal priest.
    If they’ll add someone from Jojolion alongside Jo2uke, they could add Yasuho, Joshu, that guy with the whirlwind, Karera or the Apex twins.
    Also, I’m still hoping for a part 6 Jotaro alt and part 8 / Deadman Questions Kira alt.

  • ShonenJUMP Lover

    well we still need foo fighters and anasui from part 6 and maybe donatello versus? plus we’ll need pucci after fusion with green baby using c-moon and made in heaven. haven’t read part 8 yet so dont know what characters from there but part 7 ringo roadagain could be cool

  • P Gilz

    This is going to be the best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure game.

  • AzIz

    I just want to point that Doppio is indeed a separate playable character , read the scan carefully he has his own “Joining the battle from part ?” and “Stand user” style like all other playable character , separated from Diavolo’s.

  • Daniel DayMaker Banks

    I am Beyond Hyped I Just Can’t Explain This Game Is Gonna Be So Worth The Wait and I Finally Got Trish YES!!