Naruto Storm 4 V-Jump Scan Details Costumes, Ninja Treasures, Adventure Mode and Online


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  • TheGameTagerZ

    Fast food translations are finally here!!! I’m sure Saiyan was probably waiting for us to post this scan (given it took them way too long to post the scan since it leaked on twitter), maybe got a few things from master translator kotoam67

    In any case, wonder how long until they edit their article (at least to fix their online spelling typo)

    • Roy Correll

      Oh wow 😛

    • Matt Rosenthal

      Lol saiyanisland got nothing on you guys least you do an excellant job of updating ns4 players of what’s to come

    • The one-sided war of anime games.

    • Buru


      • Saeko Busujima

        SI confirmed stalker of Shonengamez, I wonder what their posts would look like if Shonengamez wasn’t around, because clearly SI reading the translations and puts it on SI.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          They love us so much. I don’t even care that they don’t credit us anymore but this will be ALWAYS amusing to watch.

          Apparently Saiyan is a journalist though lol.

          • Saeko Busujima

            It is funny to see, if you guys don’t have translation up 1st, SI would just make up sum random bull crap then make a whole new paragraph or two talking about what you just translated.

            It’s funny, yet bans this sites name… If only you could ban SI from viewing the site, oh how funny the posts would be.

          • Connor Boyd

            I used to think Saiyan was good, but once I discovered Shonen, I immediately switched! They never get the scans (first) and have slow update cues, so this site is my new favourite! 😀

  • Yatta!

  • No mention of accessories from Revolution? Was the Idea scrapped? I liked feature, even if it was gimmicky in some ways.

    • Akirascreaming

      Its not worth it but its probably going to be in 😀

  • Akirascreaming

    Looks good

  • Naruto_2015

    As always Thanks for translating. BTW, when i click on the bottom picture to view it, i takes me to the top picture instead. Can you please fix that.

  • Saeko Busujima

    Thanks for the translation, an why cant they just say if that Madara is playable or boss only damn…

    • You know that version is only Boss Battle only. We already have 3 Madara’s for Storm 4. No need for more.

      • Saeko Busujima

        You can’t say that since when we first seen him it was a extremely early demo build, not even finished. His moveset even got updated, Also I don’t listen to anything you say since your wrong about alot of stuff an you make things up also you don’t work for CC2.

        I’m waiting for data miners to dig up the playable characters when demo comes out.

        An 3 Madara’s? We have over 15 naruto’s an sasukes 7 obito’s… We should be getting 3 new Madara’s if CC2 weren’t so lazy, Madara (Final Valley) Madara (Revived sage mode 1 eye) Madara (SOSP) He’s the main villain.

        • “if CC2 weren’t so lazy”
          No. They are not.

          • Saeko Busujima

            They are, sound 4 should of been playable since storm , 7 swordsman storm 3, an other characters.

            • TheGameTagerZ

              I wouldn’t say lazy. If they had all the development time in the world they would of added a lot more in. They don’t just wake up and say “I don’t feel like working on the Sound 4 yawnnn”

              • Saeko Busujima

                I guess, I just hate how they just leave out tons of characters, not like old characters getting updated, well since its confirmed they can do character DLC we might see all the characters people been asking for.

                • TheGameTagerZ

                  Time constraints can do that to you. I don’t think we’ll find any other developer passionate enough to even do this much for a Naruto series honestly. Although they do make some silly decisions like with Revolution and such.

                  • Saeko Busujima

                    Yea CC2 loves Naruto we can tell but sometimes make big mistakes, revolution is a prime example, most hated Naruto game.

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      More or less I want to say that it’s lazy to call other devs “lazy” because it requires nothing to say it other than not having a character or feature you like.

                      I’ve seen so many examples of people saying “No Anko? But Clash of Ninja had Anko they’re lazy”

                      The term lazy has been used wrong so many times it’s sad honestly. Even the Jump Super Stars devs said if they didn’t have time constraints they would of added all of the jump characters that were there at the time, but of course someone out there is complaining that they didn’t add Jiraiya or something and called them lazy.

                      Like when you think really hard and picturing the dev team actually being lazy doesn’t it all just sound silly to you? Like imagining them sleeping at work, or just wasting a whole day of dev time?

                    • Saeko Busujima

                      I understand what you saying but there are times devs can be lazy, like how they separated ultimate jutsu, awakening, an supports and called it a new mechanic for example.

                      Me saying they lazy is just me venting, I know all to well it takes hella long to make one character. But at times i feel like they slack off on major characters that had high standards by fan, for example, Madara’s base moveset in storm 3. It was a disappointment because it didn’t feel like they got creative and went with some taijutsu type moveset, but just big arms swinging around.

                      Now i’m sure if they was given all the time in the world to put in every character every map free roam they would take that in a heartbeat. Clearly cc2 loves naruto when the game looks better then the anime.

                      I guess right term would be me saying I wish they had more time to add so an so, but everyone just so used to saying lazy. It just releases some anger I guess.

                      Either Way it going to be a fun game to play, an hopefully with the huge delay it gave them time to maybe make characters that be boss fight or story only playable and not make the same mistake as they did in Storm 3.

                      People Still mad about 7 swords man an gold/silver brothers. (I don’t care for em) Maybe they’ll make every boss encounter character playable, who knows.

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      Going to tackle this piece by piece because I still don’t agree with a few things I think in short its a term fans used when they are frustrated/disappointed (as you mentioned).

                      1. When they seperated the jutsu and all of that, they did that to “balance” the game so that people may take it seriously for tournaments. That was their goal, that’s why they opened up the storm tournament online website. You can’t just take PR from non devs and assume that the devs are lazy. The devs knew why they did it, and it was to have this game taken more seriously by more hardcore players and that obviously failed.

                      2. When they make movesets they want to be as faithful to the manga/anime as possible unlike the PS2 games and Storm 1 where they went ape with the movesets and jutsu.

                      Also to add a note before you make a game, you have to submit your pitch to the publisher and show a prototype. Say something like “we plan to add x amount of characters, story will go up until x”. You need to have everything planned out before you even get a greenlight to make the game.

                      When they release scans, it’s for assets that they finished months ago. Like when they announced Rin that was probably already completed 6 months before the announcement. Characters and animations take very long to do. That’s why a lot of these fighters only have 20 characters in their games.

                    • Saeko Busujima

                      Omg I honestly forgot all about that online tournament thing.
                      point 1. Yea they completely failed with that, if they really wanted to make a EVO Naruto game it would take them a year or two just to go over every character fix the hit boxes ect ect, then another few years to make story mode and new characters. It’s Impossible.

                      Now point 2. Yea movesets was lovely back then. Also I didn’t know stuff in scans was finished that long ago, I thought maybe a month or so.

                      But I won’t lie I will be disappointed if a character ends up a boss battle only, like If CC2 pulls a storm 3 on Madara (Final valley) and he ends up boss only character like the 7swords man I be very disappointed.

                      It’s the last storm game so I’m expecting our favorite characters an versions of our characters be playable and not be locked in as story or boss battle exclusive. I just don’t see any reason for that.

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      To be fair I share your disappointments as well. I’m not saying they are invalid complaints I just think that term shouldn’t be used for developers who show that they really care and know about the series.

                    • Saeko Busujima

                      True, It’s not CC2 staff calling the series “Narudo” But all I can do is hope the characters I’m looking forward to is playable, also will you guys be providing demo mine results again when demo is released?

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      Hard to say since the PS4 is different from the PS3.

                    • Saeko Busujima

                      True, hopefully it’s doable. How long did it take to data mine passed storm games on average? Just curious.

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      Took no effort on PS3 since people knew how to do it way before the Storm games I assume. PS4 is pretty new still when it comes to that.

                    • Saeko Busujima

                      Hopefully it can be data mined. We will have to wait an see.

        • And I don’t want the demo data mined.

    • Kamuikenshi

      He has one combo…Of course he isn’t playable in free battle.His Fanned Fire is more than likely a selectable jutsu for Gunbai Madara though.

      • Saeko Busujima

        That was a very early build like I said, the boss fight was not even finished it self, an like I stated before his moveset was updated from what I’ve seen.

        • Kamuikenshi

          The only difference between the boss Madara and Gunbai Madara is the combo ender and jutsu.And like I said that jutsu will be selectable.And they never give characters in a boss fight more than one combo because it’s a waste of time.

  • When I click the second image, I go to a page with the first.

  • saud :)

    hello where can i fined the raw scans I wanna translate them in arabic 🙂 because most of the arabic youtubers are waiting my translation X””””D

    • TheGameTagerZ

      You’ll have to buy the magazine sorry!

  • TheUnBiasedOne