SSGSS Vegeta & Supreme Kai To Join Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle

In Arcade

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  • randy191993

    That’s the kind of graphics i’d like for a console Dragonball game. Not that graphics are super important or anything but Zenkai seems to get it all right. Why not keep going with that base?

    • Sabo

      Because everyone uses different graphics.

  • Hagaren

    Still waiting for this game to be ported to consoles.

    • Enturax/Turbotrup

      After playing J Stars I’m quite relieved that it actually wasn’t made on consoles.

      • Hagaren

        It looks like J-Stars but I think it plays differently. Maybe I’m wrong, I haven’t watched too many videos of Zenkai.

        • Redblur

          I’ve watched Zenkai Vids for 4 years and can tell you the one thing you.. Zenkai has things that make it stand out from jstars. But when it boils down to the point they’re pretty much the same game. The main reason I want Zenkai is because I still believe its better though. Simple fact being Accessory collecting and the fights being more fun in general, also no super armor bullshit on none of the characters. I have to agree whole heartedly though Games with a simple construct like Zenkai’s arent going to last more than a cool 2 months with a majority of the fan base unless it somehow gets a competitive following. about 6 months after release you’re going to be fighting random people across the globe. Because its simply a hop in and fight, arcade game. The only solace in that situation would be the fact that game runs on GGPO for its netcode. But I still want a port.

          • Hagaren

            Yeah, even from the few vids I’ve seen of the game, I still think it looks good and want to play it.
            Let’s keep hoping it’ll eventually come over and that the final roster won’t be disappointing.
            We’re actually kinda due for a new DBZ game announcement if you think about it. And Jump Festa’s right around the corner.

      • Rich Homie Kwon

        What kind of logic is this lol?

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Zenkai and J-Stars are both made by Spike. I’m pretty sure J-Stars was made using Zenkai as a base.

          There’s this illusion where if we can’t play it then we must be missing out. I don’t think a game like Zenkai would survive here. The closest we got was Battle of Z and Xenoverse.

          • Rich Homie Kwon

            Yeah J-Stars is using Zenkai engine but they don’t play the same. That’s like me saying “After playing Metal Gear Rising I’m quite relieved that Bayonetta 2 didn’t release on PS4/X1/PC” just because they use the same engine.

            + he’s happy that console players don’t get to enjoy Zenkai because he didn’t like J-stars.

            That’s some logic lol

            • Enturax/Turbotrup

              I’m relieved since that game has even less combat movement than J Stars that already is pretty awful; it has just 1 combo, less characters and probably even stiffer gameplay based on what I saw from the gameplays on YT.

              • Lifestreamer

                So I’m pretty sure you saw little to nothing, Bamco released some videos a bit ago showing their movesets and combo potential, depending on how one uses the movesets the possibilities of combos are far greater and diverse than games like BT3 or the god-awful “battle of Z”, less combat movement is absolutely wrong because the characters have the entire ground and air available since every single one of them sans Mr. Satan has the flying mechanic and they display different combo movements for every character too, less characters but actually well developed with each one having identidy (and they are constantly including more over time like established by this very article), and having seeing videos of this game for almost 4 years I’m absolutely sure it’s not stiff, there not “probably” bs with me, the fact you saw some scrub lvl of gameplay or players doing the basic bread and butter in some random YT video and now is judging the game wrong is the sad thing in all this.

                For me Zenkai has to come, and if it does indeed come someday I’ll play it like the folks who also want it, you can just ignore the game, but to be relieved it didn’t come? What is that for?

                • Enturax/Turbotrup

                  I didn’t see such a gameplay of it yet, then. And I’m relieved because if people would actually buy it and some casuals like it (just because of, for example: destruction and distinctive moves) then they would serve another game like this in a year or 2. <- That plus they would waste time on porting it while they could make a real this-gen experience, unlike Xenoverse.

  • Lifestreamer

    Spike didn’t develop Zenkai, it was a group of freelancers developers working under Bandai Namco, a large portion of the staff responsible for games like “Gundam Extreme vs.” and “Gunslinger Stratos” games (but not the entire ByKing team), the gfx, effects, movements, HUD, everything gives it away, the reason of why people think it was developed by Spike is because they were involved with J-Stars, and even with J-Stars they were only co-developers, the original team from the Gundam Extreme vs. was there too under the “Bamco” brand.

    That being said, if Zenkai doesn’t come over it will be indeed a huge miss the way I see it, this game was released for arcades since 2011, and was tested, patched and updated several times making it a game with good balance and reception, it play a lot different from J-Stars, a game that suffered greatly because of development time, with some more months it would be a gem, but ended very unpolished. Zenkai’s constant updates also make that game absolutely different from games like Battle of Z (cheap knockoff) or Xenoverse (spamfest, and spamming beans will not get you anywhere in a game like Zenkai), I seriously hope for a port f this game.

    • British_Otaku

      That sounds a lot more likely to me, yeah. Bandai Namco has some in house badasses who need to be recognised outside of Gundam Extreme Vs.

      Zenkai would do pretty well for sure, but maybe they are waiting for the Xenoverse train to slow down a bit. I honestly don’t think a few months could have fixed J Stars, but I suppose they didn’t use their time well between J Stars and J Stars + (what did it fix again?).

      I wouldn’t mind infrequent installments on consoles like the Extreme Vs games, updates are cool but I prefer having multiple versions of a single game as insane as it is.

  • P Gilz

    I thought their new god form is now called Super Saiyan Blue.