Naruto Storm 4 – New Trailer Covers Storymode Arcs & Costumes


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  • Leland South

    Awesome Sauce 😀


    That was awesome.

  • madaraman1

    is it just me or did i see white zetsu fighting kid obito in the selection screen? Well, honestly looks like a hack n slash.

  • Saeko Busujima

    CC2 killed my hype, Madara (final valley) better be playable, I hope that was a boss battle only moveset like how obito (jin) and obito (zetsu) has boss battle only movesets.


    • RemixerUltimate

      How do you know they’re boss battle only movesets? That’s a very quick assumption.

  • Ikki Minami

    anyone notice at 00:42 *42 secs* that kid kakashi was fighting he people who kidnapped rin

  • Matt Rosenthal

    Damn that was intense it got me so pumped!!! Hopefully Menma is included