Famitsu Interview Details Why CC2 Switched Naruto Storm 4 From Cross-gen to Current, Speaks On Delays


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  • Enzevil

    Thanks ShonenGameZ for the article and darkdenizen for the translation!

  • Aqib Kamaludin

    can’t wait for the game

  • jorge espinoza

    At first I was a bit upset that they pushed back the release date, but seeing how the game is turning out, I’m glad they took their time on it. Can’t wait for the game to come out

    Thank you ShonenGamez for the article and translation

  • Eiyuuou

    Thanks for the translations guys!

    On a side note: I wonder when we’ll see the wall fighting thingy…

    • Kamuikenshi

      Latest trailer showed wall running,they got it to work for Story Mode.

      • Eiyuuou

        Really? Didn’t see it. Would it be possible to tell me the time stamp?

        • Kamuikenshi

          0:45 iirc.

          • Eiyuuou

            Thank you good sir, but it looked more like an air combo if you ask me.

            • Kamuikenshi

              Obviously they were on the wall with the camera angle,and Kakashi clearly jumped from the wall to the ground with his Lightning Blade.

            • TheGameTagerZ

              Watch it again. It’s clear as day that Kakashi went from fighting on the wall to jump off the wall and doing lighting blade.

    • ShonenJUMP Lover

      it was in the trailer in one of the random battles

  • madaraman1

    i now admire them for their time with this to make game much better. i understand how challenging it must have been for them.

  • Lunos

    I can definitely see a Storm Collection sometime after Storm 4’s Release.
    I’m just hoping for it to also be out on PC, if it ends up happening.

    • Roy Correll

      I can definitely see that too becuz All Storms are known as a great series and hold dear to fans and since this is the last, I can see in a future they will combine them all and make them playable for all consoles and pc hopefully.

  • JNO678

    So the summer release date some sites had would have been true if it wasn’t delayed that far back CRAZY

  • Lucian


  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    Damn, you read my mind although I enjoyed Manga’s ending.