Naruto Storm 4 Website Update Details Battle System and Adventure Mode


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  • Bdock3601

    I’m hoping to see more elemental effects crop up…but that’s doubtful

    • Kamuikenshi

      Not sure what effects they can have with Wind and Earth tbh.

      • Bdock3601

        Well earth could just be stronger on the ground (which would be most of the time) but balanced oit by getting monumentally weaker on water, wind would be difficult to design around but maybe it could cause an opponent that’s on fire to take super extra damage

        • NSUNS243

          Lightning and Water already have the “more damage” properties. If you make it the same for every element (which i guess they’ll do), then it becomes pretty boring imo..
          So why not something more fitting like making the Earth attacks bigger instead? Take Jirobo’s jutsu as example, it could take some earth from the ground and so become bigger.

          As for Wind, they could add some “wind breezes” that appear randomly on stages like “Storm cloud ravine” or “Samurai bridge”.
          Wind has the “cut” property, so i think it should inflict more damage on guard or against your shield.
          But that’s just my opinion/idea/hope haha..

  • madaraman1

    wow thank you for this lengthy translation! i’m glad they finally updated their jap site.

  • Flavio Sirasa

    Wish combos also had element effects.