Naruto Storm 4 – All DLC Listed on SteamDB (CONFIRMED)


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  • irfanf (IrfanF)

    well since FFVI on Steam is real, i trust SteamDB.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      It was also right about a few games that were announced by Aksys too

    • Bdock3601

      well considering how that example is a vague game that they can make an assumption on Vs. these really specific titles and content we probably wouldn’t have just guessed on….the point you make holds little water

  • Skorm94

    Really? I was hoping for the movies as extra scenarios (no idea what these ones could possibly be) and I know people wanted the sound four but I’m not really interested in them at all.

    • chris

      I agree I feel like they should just be in the base game and that the movie characters should be in the last DLC such as menma,toneri, etc. I was also hoping to see the After versions of Naruto and Sasuke as playable characters instead or at least costume versions of the Last

  • Arale Norimaki

    The Sound Ninja Four! They actually did it NCHA!!

    • British_Otaku

      Only took what feels like a decade of Eighting and CC2 neglecting them to do it. Hope they have good movesets as well.

      • Kiriyasha -天帝-

        Since it’s more like they started being playable on Next Generation and with how smooth the combo’s characters do in Gameplay I’m sure we won’t be disappointed.

        • NSUNS243

          I’d only be dissapointed if they make one of them a “projectile character” like Deidara, Shino etc.. It’s unbelievable how much they got nerfed in this game..

          • Kiriyasha -天帝-

            I think 2 of them will probably become projectile users.

            Tayuya and Kidomaru.

            • NSUNS243

              I had the same thought, hopefully it’s not the case tho.

          • STigersPrank

            Nope projectike characters will actually be pretty useful in this game, imagine mashing the square button and as soon as they are getting closer switch into a meele character

        • British_Otaku

          I’m still waiting for a Naruto fighting game to care about more than GNT4 or CONR2/3, this probably won’t be it. However, I’d be glad to be proven wrong even if it is in relation to Storm’s movesets.

  • irfanf (IrfanF)

    i’m still sad that this isn’t movie scenario for the last and boruto though

    • HystericalGameZ

      It could be something even cooler though! Making an article on that now.

      • irfanf (IrfanF)

        well the scenarios might possibly be an adaptation of the novels, since those explain quite a bit about shikamaru and gaara post-war, which would be nice.

  • Kiriyasha -天帝-

    Fabian the DLC pack is for Revolution as it states. Thought I should let you know. 🙂

    • HystericalGameZ

      Lol thanks for that. I had total tunnel vision and didn’t catch that.

      • Kiriyasha -天帝-

        Don’t worry man I did the same too with the “Reanimation-Before Death pack.”

    • Leland South

      The DLC is for Revolution? I don’t see how that’s possible when the game is finished along with the DLC’s for it. .-.

      • Kiriyasha -天帝-

        You misunderstand. Fabian most likely edited the article before you commented but he said the Jinchuuriki DLC from Revolution was apart of the NS4 DLC in packs. Notice how one says Storm Revolution and the other Storm 4?


    I really don’t want the sound four to be dlc, they’re not that important.


    Don’t much care for the Shikamaru/Gaara side stories. Sound Four’s pretty cool. Hopefully we’ll still get Toneri.

  • Iago Luiz

    I lost the hype, because I was waiting for The Last and Boruto Story DLC, Sound 4 its cool but they should be in the game since storm 1, so, it’s like pay for something that should be already in the game…

  • Enzevil

    I think it’s funny that people disagreed with the idea of the 4 playable characters being Sound 4. Well, looks like it could be true!

  • Kiriyasha -天帝-

    Shikamaru and Gaara’s Tales should be based of the Hidens. If they are it’s Shikamaru and Gaara getting the 2 new costumes.

    Sound 4? Don’t really care about them. Disappointed really but ah well what can ya do. I’ll take it as a ‘rumour’ for now as there is no official announcement on them, but honestly there is some truth to this so I’ll just agree that these will be the DLC Packs.

  • RedDragon10

    If it’s true, and my bet it is, it’s kind of sad that all this DLC is already listed before the release of the game. This is the major reason why I never purchase DLC

  • Bilal12345

    Will the 2 scenario packs be something you unlock as your progress through the game or are they 2 separate stories based on charcaters

  • Kinggoken

    Nice find! This looks pretty legit and I’m really glad the dlc characters ended up being the Sound Four.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      This is probably the first time I’ve ever seen you post here lol

    • Ben Breen

      Im not, they should have been in the game already, not as dlc

    • Enturax/Turbotrup

      The pathetic thing is that it took them 6 freaking games and it’s still in a DLC. This company sucks, they should start doing animated movies because visuals is the only thing they’re good at.

  • Kamuikenshi

    I’m confused as to why Sound 4 are DLC…Even more confused about getting Shikamaru and Gaara stories of all possible things they could have done.

  • SuperSagejin

    Pretty cool. This dlc better be the most sold dlc ever, with how much I’ve seen people complain about sound 4 not being in the game lol.

    I’ll definitely be getting it…….. lol

  • randy191993

    Sound 4 is cool. I’m gonna let CC2 suprise me for the two story packs but i can’t really see Shikamaru or Gaara beeing much fun since they are two of my least favorite Chars in the Narutoverse…

  • Rakanoth Despair

    DIO CANE. Ma Shikamaru e Gaara, seriamente? Questa è una barzelletta…

  • Gamejtv

    That don’t look great.

  • Kenny Boatwright

    I really hope this is wrong. Gaara and Shikamaru tales sound really boring compared to anything else they could do and Sound Four is pretty lame. I can name probably 10+ characters I’d prefer. Seven Swordsmen would be cooler for one. Or the more recent villains like Shin, Toneri and Momoshiki (maybe Kinshiki but if Momo’s awakening was to consume him, just make his abilities with the summoned weapons his awakening) Kinkaku and Ginkaku would be cooler

    I’m not complaining, I am glad for getting Sound Four, just saying what I’d prefer.

  • Tengu Prodigy

    They’re actually giving us the Sound Four? Wow, that’s pretty cool after all this time.

  • Ahtma

    Good lmao. Now all the people who won’t shut up and stop crying about the Sound Four can finally have them, but I’m loving how CC2’s approach boils down to them asking how much they’re worth to those people.

    Can’t wait for endless Kin/Gin or 7 Swordsmen crying now.

    • chris

      Sound four are added in now its onto “so stupid I have to pay for the sound four blah blah blah” or “WOW sound four are in but X and Y aren’t in still this is so stupid” lol

      • Ahtma

        The reaction to this is the vocal majority of the fanbase is crying that they never wanted the Sound Four. Like dang lmao, make up your minds.

        • chris

          Ya they wanted the sound four because they believe they are entitled to it so now it is onto the next cry session of trying to get the movie characters or the swordsman of the mist

  • Laura Bailey Obsession

    but… Is Anko playable tho lol?