Naruto Storm 4 – DLC Scenario Packs: Why Shikamaru and Gaara?


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  • Kiriyasha -天帝-

    Nice explaining about the Hiden’s in this article Fabian. I also had a hunch that the stories are based off the Hiden’s and also another hunch that if we do get more DLC past the 3 packs it’s possible they could introduce more Hiden scenario’s to us. Great that you could explain about why it could be/is Gaara and Shikamaru scenarios, perhaps it’ll give others some insight into the Hidens too and perhaps get more readers. I only really read the Kakashi Hiden so this was very informative for me, thanks man.

    • HystericalGameZ

      Glad that you got some information out of it! Thanks for reading!

  • chris

    I would like to get the Last and After as DLC (if not in the game as you stated) but I am down to see my man Shikamaru get his time to shine being that he is the smartest person in the Narutoverse

  • Enzevil

    Nice article Fabian! Thanks for the basic information. I really would love to see The Last & Boruto Scenario Packs, but these would be unique and cool as well. I hope these Scenarios also have cutscenes and stuff, and not just basic missions.

  • Skorm94

    Good article man, too bad the novels release schedule is so slow in the west. So far only the Kakashi one was released.

  • Kamuikenshi

    Nice read,the story segments would indeed make a lot of sense if they were based off the novels.I read Kakashi’s Story recently,and found it fascinating. I would love to see how the novels would translate into the Storm engine.

  • madaraman1

    i think its better to experience new stories rather than relive the movies and that we know how it all ends. This is worth the money if you think about it. No?

    • It’s all on preference. I enjoyed the thought of using adult Naruto and Adult Sasuke with leader swap against Momoshiki.

      • madaraman1

        this might sound weird, but i would not have liked momoshiki whatsoever. I’d much rather prefer toneri.

  • Illumi

    This seems very neat if the dlc was based on these books because even if you don’t get them you wouldn’t miss a major part of the main story and if you do get them they will work as a nice bonus since they would essentially animate stories that people who aren’t fond of reading to see in the game. While I haven’t read the books I have read detailed summaries of the stories of kakashi and shikamaru hiden and they were quite interesting. However, if gaara hiden and shikamaru hiden are both going to be dlc then what about kakashi hiden which was released first and takes place first in chronological order of the hiden series.

  • Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub

    Where’s the explosion?!

  • Oh yes, I’ve heard about the novels. Last I heard Viz released them in English the other month.

  • irfanf (IrfanF)

    it will feel very odd for those that plays the gaara one before the shikamaru one, since the shikamaru one ties almost directly onto the gaara one

  • irfanf (IrfanF)

    since i doubt CC2 will add the novel-only characters as playable character DLC or put them in the base game, does that mean that we’re gonna see a lot of horde battles on these DLCs? or maybe special boss-only characters?

    • Madaras Rape Face

      Bet after 4 months, you’re markedly disappointed.

  • MisterFive59

    Sooner or later they’re releasing Boruto and Sarada as actual dlc with story and not just 1st print issues.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      They said that will not happen and after the pre-order you wont be able to get them again. Just like how the Naruto Goku costume was pre-order only.

  • Romero Santos
    • Iván

      Why they don.t translate this scan? :/

  • Fun fact, Shikamaru’s novel is before The Last. Gaara’s Novel is after The Last.

  • Why is this article pretending to know what I’m thinking.
    The whole responsive writing thing threw me off.

  • RuffyDragonGarp


    • TheGameTagerZ

      Only expect HQ scans from vjump.

      • RuffyDragonGarp

        You had HQ for any Scans before.

        Did something change?

  • Madaras Rape Face

    4 months later… and Shikamaru’s scenario is about talking about the future of the hidden leaf with a light ShikaMari moment and nothing to do with the assassination.

    Now it looks like the Gaara pack is about him getting the kages together to discuss something… so these scenarios have VERY LITTLE to do with the books… so I’m still not seeing the use in these two as the extra fragments.