One Piece: Burning Blood – Box Art + First Print Bonus Revealed


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  • chris

    So will it be like sabo with PW3 where you just get him right away *G4 luffy* but then you can still get him later if u dont preorder?

    • HystericalGameZ

      You probably won’t be able to get Gear Fourth if you don’t pre-order. It isn’t completely clear yet though tbh.

      • chris

        I feel like it has to be early access because it is part of the story so it couldn’t not be but like you said we shall see

  • Trulynd Hall

    Maybe it’s early access to G4? Cause it’d be crazy to make him preorder exclusive or even later on DLC.
    I understand a G4 Luffy as a character, ehh sort of, but at least the transformation should be available to all. Hopefully it’s made clear soon.

  • So, if you purchase the game either which way Normal Luffy can transform into Gear 4, but it`ll be an attack/ short transformation. With the First Print Bonus (which is called Special Edition Gear 4 Luffy) you`ll be in Gear 4 from start to finish.
    You`ll only get S.E Gear 4 Luffy as a first print bonus (aka he is a separate dlc character that you cannot purchase any other way).

    • Enzevil

      Thanks for clearing this up! Good that Gear 4 is still in the main game, since he is cannon. I probably will get the first print edition, since I can’t wait to get my hands on this game, so that’s also a nice bonus to have.

    • Kiri -天帝-

      So it’s Gear 4th Luffy Transformation in the base game, and a seperate Gear 4th Luffy character is the DLC? Got it.

    • kasper

      okay so it ain´t buy able later on ? xD

  • The cover art is what I expected; disappointing. The illustrative cover arts are decaying with every released game since the PS2 era, although I can’t speak for every anime game.

    PS: I know it’s irrelevant for the masses, but I’m a tad bit picky, and it’s my overall opinion.

    • HystericalGameZ

      It’s sad cause the Storm 4 art is actually really high quality. Looks like it was made by Bones, and this sorta just looks like a Pirate Warriors 3 alternate arc.

      The arts’ll get better once the anime is out of this arc though.

      • Can’t argue over Storm 4’s cover art, but One Piece specifically has been a let down quality wise.

        Well, I’m more for Dressrosa’s Arc to end anyway, so I hope so.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I agree honestly. Especially when you consider the GameCube and PS2 One Piece game cover arts. My favorite cover art of all time is probably Grand Battle 3

      • That’s exactly what I had in mind while looking at this… I literally took a look at my PS2 version of Grand Adventure and had to express my disappointment.

    • NZH97

      This cover art looks ok , the off putting thing is how they drew Doflamingo. Kind of looks fan made

    • RuffyDragonGarp

      I am sure it is a placeholder cover.

      Btw. What did you think about the PW Covers especially PW3? I really enjoyed it. The cell shade looked great. I don’t like this one ether

      • PW3 was actually good compared to the perverse PW installments.

    • Lifestreamer

      It’s far too simple, and it also has a severe lack of Law, Sabo he was more relevant than Sabo in this conflict.

  • Gamejtv

    So would the Anison sound edition have the songs in the game or on a separate cd that comes with the game?

    • unleashrage

      If going by J Stars Victory VS that had an Anison sound edition then the songs will be on the game disc.

    • HystericalGameZ

      You’ll be able to use the songs as OST in game like all of the other Anison Song editions. This game might even have a song made for the intro sequence if past games are any hint.

  • NZH97

    I’m buying this regardless , can’t wait to play as G4 Luffy

  • kasper

    everything today in gaming is pre order and get something you want and if you dont pre order you are pretty fuked

  • Kiera

    Gonna Pre Order it and hope you get the Luffy DLC also via Digital Buy. Anoson Edition will be bought also, its the same with J Stars.

  • Skorm94

    Gear Fourth has such a great design, looks so cool.

  • RuffyDragonGarp

    could anyone translate this site? Some explanation on the system of Burning Blood

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Sweet didn’t know they updated it. Sure thing.

      • RuffyDragonGarp

        Yesss thank you very much 😛

      • RuffyDragonGarp

        How long will it take?

  • Lifestreamer

    I’m almost sure there’s a way to unlock Bound man “the character” in the main game, I’m just a bit afraid cause if they are really striving for balance they wouldn’t release this char because it’s Luffy’s trump card, there’s no way he’s not broken and automatically banned from every tournament ever, just fanservice really.

    Like someone else said, I hope it’s a placeholder cover, it’s far too simple, even OPSGBX got a better one.

  • RENA-chan

    No Hancock? #walletissafe

  • Sabo

    Kinda wish Doflamingo wasn’t on the front cover.