One Piece Burning Blood: Latest V-Jump Scan Shows Gear 4th Luffy, Fujitora & More In Action


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  • Mr. Dude

    Sanji’s in that scan and with Kid as well 😁😁

    • Gamejtv

      And that MIGHT be Usopp Brook is freezing.

      • TheGameTagerZ

        Almost positive that it is.

        • Canadian Kaiju

          Saitama may be stronger but one piece is just so much more entertaining than one punch man.

      • KidKojack

        Might? I don’t know anyone who wears yellow overalls in One Piece except Usopp.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Saitama OOOH BURN

          • KidKojack

            If Saitama was in One Piece, I’d lose my mind. XD

  • NZH97

    Kidd looks awesome to play with

  • Reborn

    So hype! who do you guys think they will announce next?

    • chris

      My guess is Robin and Cavendish/Cabbage or being that next week is the holidays we may get some crazy announcement since G4 is going to be shown on the next anime episode

  • Chris Yang KuamXyooj

    Now we just need confirmation of Killer, Apoo, Hawkins, Capone, Urouge, All CP9, Marco, Vista, Reiliegh, and all the main characters in the Colliseum like Sai, Chinjao and Hakuba them.

  • GamezLogicLegend

    So Hyped Chopper is Confirmed

  • Alan Noacep Togente

    Monster Chopper VS Franky Shogun… Epicness await us

  • Hagaren

    Looking good!
    Hope they’ll show Lucci and at the very least Kaku too of the CP9 and Monet soon.

  • Dado_8

    i want Lucci, WB, Akainu, Kizaru, Jimbe, Hody, Arlong, Buggy and i’m ok

  • Lifestreamer

    Eustass…hell yeah! Gigant Battle did have a made up moveset for him but it was still interesting, hope spike can do the same here, Fujitora’s “Gravitou – Moko” must be a super move, this is too big.

    Seems like it’ll be a strawhat/supernova + admiral reveal next since Kizaru and Akainu are yet to be seem, hope they don’t forget mah girl Monet and Cavendish and Jimbe, actually I’m a bit worried, I don’t think the roster will be that big, 35 chars max for a first game is not that bad for a start.

  • KhalidLmr