One Piece: Burning Blood Coming to PC As Well (Update)


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  • Romero Santos

    Ugh why

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I don’t get why people think like this. If it was coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 fine, we can argue that it will hold back the game.

      But why does it bother you that it’s coming to PC? Especially if you aren’t going to get it on PC anyway (at least based on the way you commented).

      • son goku

        Um vita

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Vita has no games so one more wont hurt.

          I honestly forgot this was coming to vita, but I highly doubt the vita would be holding anything back as a portable system compared to something like the 360 and PS3.

      • chris

        One might argue that the precious seconds they have to waste porting it and adjusting PC settings takes away the time that could be spent on the console versions to better them

        such as adding silver fox foxy (;

        • TheGameTagerZ

          I hope that was all sarcasm lol.

          • chris

            Most of it was but the silver fox foxy was not

            I need a team consisting of Usopp/Buggy/Silver Fox Foxy aka the Troll team and or secretly the most OP Gods

      • Probably due to the console vs pc stupid fanboy ego war thing while real gaming fans would like to see the chance everyone getting to play these great games.

  • GamezLogicLegend

    I wonder when they will give NA a release date

  • wxcwxc

    thanks for the news

  • NZH97

    I really hope this comes out a day after JP release

    • Lunos

      II wouldn’t expect that. If i’m not wrong, Burning Blood is coming out in April for Japan, and the Trailer in Bamco America’s Youutube Channel says June.. so yeah..

  • Alan Noacep Togente

    Maybe is a mistake…. They skipped Vita and wrote Steam instead.

    • Mistaking word Vita to Steam, highly unlikely plus Bandai game’s been selling well on Steam and people want more so why not supply the demand.

      • Sherlock

        They wrote that NS4 is also for PS3, but it isn’t. Maybe it is a mistake.

        • Lunos

          They actually were wrong at that point, they confirmed it. Nevertheless, PC Version is a thing and it was confirmed by Bamco Europe through their Twitter and by Bamco America through their Youtube trailer.

  • Kiera

    Great News, will play it on Ps4 but also buy it on PC to support this Decision 🙂

  • Rejoice my brethren.

  • Burning Blood is not coming to PC. Bandai Namco LATAM has just corrected the information on their fanpage:

    Bandai Namco Latinoamérica Hola chicos, las plataformas correctas son PS4 y PS VITA. Lo sentimos por la información equivocada. (Hi guys, the correct platforms are PS4 and PS VITA. We’re sorry for the wrong information)

    • mol


    • TheGameTagerZ

      I have emails to prove it is but I’m sure by now you realized.

    • Lunos

      Yeeah.. probably because at that moment they shouldn’t revealed the PC Version. But yeah, it was already confirmed by Bamco Europe through their Twitter and by Bamco America through they Trailer on Youtube, both in the title of the video and also in its ending credits.
      PC Version is a thing.

  • Divine Fox

    I knew it! I never lost my faith!!!!!