JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable – First Trailer (English Subbed)

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  • 0kratos

    can’t wait XD

  • Deku

    I for one, love the art style.

  • Toph

    They made Josuke look so feminine

  • MHM

    Absolutely love the new art style …

  • Trulynd Hall

    I’m split on the art… I like that they are brave enough to set a new style but I don’t think Part 4 is the time to do it, Like it’s right after Stardust and it’s the first time it’s going to be animated. But I know they won’t stray from the story.

    I’ll cut them some slack though because it might be easier animating this style and that Araki went through major art style changes as well. Anyway I’m Hyped!!

    • Deku

      Part 4 was when the art style took a major change, it would be weird to start off with Part 3 art style then change it half way to DiU art style.

  • Kinggoken

    I’m really looking forward to this

  • aleh

    i have something for you mod: , they are gameplay of one piece burning blood

    • Poopface

      wrong article, thanks tho

  • RuffyDragonGarp

    Just to inform you guys: Burning Blood Website got updated

  • Sobo


  • British_Otaku

    Only seen the David Production anime and CC2 games, so I can’t judge the art style really but I do where the OST seems to be going. Part 4 seems to be a favourite for a lot of people so I hope CR doesn’t forget to license it.