Naruto Storm 4: Latest V-Jump Scans Details NS4’s Ninja World, Story Mode, Tournament & More


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  • freestylinyoshi

    Let me know…when I don’t have to walk around as Narutard

    • Kamuikenshi

      It’s called Naruto for a reason smh…

      • freestylinyoshi

        Its been done before. Having been done again would not make it any less deserving or the name.

        By your logic : One should only play as Naruto , because it’s called Naruto. I guess , multiplayer is redundant, because everyone should be Naruto.


        Progression : a movement or development toward a destination or a more advanced state, especially gradually or in stages.

        • Kamuikenshi

          We aren’t even talking about multiplayer,but a mode where literally all you do is walk around and collect stuff,why does it matter so much who you walk as?Not like it changes anything.

          • freestylinyoshi

            According to you it matters greatly, because the game is called Naruto.
            If you so choose to make an idiotic comment half assedly , do not attempt to deviate ; by means of more stupidity, when caught. ( shown how stupid your comment truly was)

            • Kamuikenshi

              My comment was only made in regards to this SPECIFIC mode,not the whole game but that was hard to understand apparently.And my second point still stands.

              • freestylinyoshi

                The comment made , held no worth. A rebuttal similar to one of a child, fishing for praise , from similar minds.

                • Kamuikenshi


                  • TheGameTagerZ

                    Okay, you guys can stop now.

    • Ansem_Seeker_Of_Truth

      You’re in luck, there is a game called revolutions. You can walk around with almost anyone you want.

      • freestylinyoshi

        I’m well aware where it’s been done. The Xbox 360 game had the best concept; however the combat was lacking.

  • Enzevil

    Thanks for this huge translation! Really looking forward to this game!

  • Kamuikenshi

    Awesome,so they found a way to recap events from past games.I wonder who this elite ninja is,who you unlock after getting all 50 shards?

    • RemixerUltimate

      Likely Toneri.

  • woa guys, they should let u walk around in any form of naruto

  • Naruto_2015

    It still hurts to see Guy sensei on wheelchair :/

  • jorge espinoza

    Does anyone know if all the pre-time skipped characters have been added to the game?
    (Examples: the leaf rookies and the sand siblings)

    • chris

      Since no ever replied yes they have all been kept in the game as playable (the demo gameplay at jump festa had them)

  • Mewshuji

    You guys need a better translator. Doing Ebisu’s tasks doesn’t unlock anything, he just says “Good job Naruto”.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      You need to improve reading comprehension. If you see that we wrote anything about a secret character on here I’ll send you $10.

      That was YOU guys who assumed there was a secret character. This could have meant to be an alternative to unlock characters instead of Story or Vs. mode.

      Anyone can be an elite shinobi even someone like Iruka or Choji. The raw scans are out there hire a “better” translator and tell them to translate that line let me know what you get back.

      • Mewshuji

        Show me where I said anything about a secret character on this site. I didn’t. I only said nothing is unlocked via doing Ebisu’s tasks, which is what your translation indicated. And I mean no one. It isn’t an alternative method, as the first person we know to have done it hadn’t played the story first AND unlocked no one from the story through doing it.

        Why are you being so defensive of an obvious mistake? Just admit you messed up. I was perhaps being a bit facetious about needing a better translator, but it WAS a mistake y’all made.

        You didn’t write it yourself on the article, but on the image, you translated it as unlocking an elite ninja. No one is unlocked from doing them. So either you mistranslated it, or the magazine lied, which I doubt that the company would allow to go out uncorrected.

        If it turns out, somehow, it does unlock someone and it requires more than just, great, you were right. But don’t act like a child just because someone called you out on what appears to be an error. That reflects poorly on you as a news site.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          It’s easy to say that we made a mistake if you don’t know Japanese I encourage you to get someone else to translate the line once you do and its completely different then we’ll talk. I’m open to discussion but to claim we made a mistake when we only translated what the scan said is not our problem. Koto made a similar translation so are we both wrong?

          • Mewshuji

            If you really do insist you translated it correctly after all that, then I’m inclined to believe you. It just seems v. strange for them to lie in a magazine about it… If I can find one of the raws I’ll check it myself, I’m learning Japanese currently anyway.

  • Gabriel Kreyssig Romualdo

    NO secret char =(

  • TheGameTagerZ

    ATTN: If you’re going to post that it’s our fault that there’s no “Secret Character” then that’s YOUR fault not ours. We never said there was any secret characters all it mentions is Elite Shinobi which could mean anyone even someone like Iruka.

    It could have been an alternative way to unlock characters, but regardless of what it meant we definitely didn’t say secret we only translate what’s on the scan.

    • You don’t have to try to defend yourselves. You never said was a character and others rushed to believe it was a character. You just did your job.
      Don’t let anyone flame on you cause they jumped the gun.
      And if it turns out It does unlock a character, then you have every right to rub it in their faces.

      • TheGameTagerZ

        Appreciated I wish more people saw it this way.