One Piece: Burning Blood – New Trailer Shows Gear Fourth Luffy in Action, Coming West in June 2016 (Update)


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  • Deku

    Did any of the mods play the demo at Jump Festa?
    Did it play better than J-Stars?
    How were the combos?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Jack didn’t go this year. Although it’s a free event he didn’t have the funds to take transportation this year and his bank wasn’t being nice to him either so even if we did help his balance was on negative.

  • Rojai (Post-Timeskip)

    Zoans will be the most powerful people in this game
    You heard it here folks

    • Bdock3601

      no, it’ll be paramecia

      • Rojai (Post-Timeskip)


  • Enzevil

    This game looks sick. I’m wondering if all Straw Hat members will be playable, I mean, they have to be right? Where’s Nami and Robin?

  • Come on Namco don’t screw this up, they better have Funimation dub this!

    • Trulynd Hall

      I doubt it since the Dub isn’t as popular and the cost of dubbing it.

      • That comment is extremely inaccurate on all levels.

        For starters that comment regarding the popularity of the dub is plain false. The Funimation dub is widely received and popular among English speaking fans across America, parts of Europe like the UK, Australia and New Zealand. It’s from Funimation, all I f their dubs are popular.

        Secondly, it’s not that expensive for a major company to dub a game like this. The Storm series is a good example.

        And before you say it, no it doesn’t matter how far the anime/manga in the English release is for the game to be dubbed. Otherwise we wouldn’t be getting the game at all or any anime games from Namco to begin with. The licensing for the games and anime releases are owned by different companies.

        • Trulynd Hall

          Ok, but the Japanese dub is more popular, out of 100% how much would rally hard for dubs i doubt more than 40%. If it was truly that popular then we should have seen more of it in games, right?

          When was the last one piece game dubbed? And you’re right, dubbing isn’t very expensive but I doubt Namco would pay for it. Like read this years article on reddit,

          You see more people leaning towards sub. I’m not knocking the dub, I’m ok with it, i don’t hate it. But it’s very obvious Namco isn’t shedding any tears for those who aren’t paying for a game without dubs. Simple as that…

          I never mentioned the english release of the anime or it’s progression. Namco isn’t stupid, they know people read it online and watch it online.

          • Oh of course, because a few people on Reddit represent the MAJORITY of fans. How silly of me to question several Reddit users over Funimation home release sales, Toonami viewership, overwhelmingly positive fan reception and praise from official reviewers and critic sites and overall general reception shown through official status over Reddit.

            What do official numbers, stats and critical acclaim have over a forum page? Nothing. I’m being realistic here speaking based on facts and reality.

            Again, to add on to my comment regarding video games, the anime does not impact game release. They are different licensers. There is no logic in trying to apply video game status here since the two are separate situations altogether. Just because a series is popular doesn’t mean it will always get a game released overseas, even if the market is clearly there for it. Companies can be stingy.

            It doesn’t matter if you are trying to bash on it, it’s just your logic is flawed in every way possible, and you can’t keep your mind straight with your opinion.

            Clearly Namco doesn’t give a crap, seeing how they have been denying something as simple as a dub. It’s not as simple as you think.

            Most people think the anime progressive affects game release (which it doesn’t) so I threw that out there in the event that was your mindset.

            And your point regarding people reading/watching online is what exactly? Because it doesn’t even apply here. Namco has no interest, and are not associated with the official manga/anime releases. Their only concern and association is video game development. Sure they might recognize its popularity but they clearly haven’t decided to capitalize on it. There is a large group of people who don’t but subbed games, and it impacts sales and reception.

            Also keep in mind that had it not been for Funi we wouldn’t be getting any other OP media released except for the manga (being owned by Viz). So clearly the dub has already been making an impact (obviously shown through multiple means) Namco may recognize its popularity, but released the games subbed for a quick, half-assed release because they simply don’t want to take the time.

            • Trulynd Hall

              geez ok i used a reddit post sorry I didn’t go out of my way to find charts and statistics. But popular preference on the case of dub vs sub is pretty obvious. but there still isn’t a dubbed game. It doesn’t matter how popular or how many people praise it. It wouldn’t be hard to get a dubbed game managed. That means there isn’t a huge demand for it in an OP game right?

              What I’m saying i that there won’t be a dubbed one piece game for a long time. And there won’t be demand for it either. Sorry but is how i feel about it. I believe you, people like it, it’s “popular” but I don’t believe it’s popular enough. I don’t hate the dubs, i’m not against them.

              • Are you not even reading what I’m writing? By “popular preference” you are still clinging to one Reddit post over everything I just said? Yes its quite obvious but you are completely wrong on the majority of it because you still think one forum has more say over sources present. What part do you not understand? You said yourself you don’t go looking at facts/statistics, so how is none of this getting to you after I explained it?

                Again, you NEED to understand that the game license, and the anime are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS THAT DO NOT IMPACT EACH OTHER. It doesn’t matter how popular the series is, the decision to dub a game is up to the company that owns it, they don’t care about reception, they are picky and screw certain series over.

                Just what part is not getting to you? How have I not been clear with you? There IS a demand for a dub! Why don’t you understand that after everything just presented? People have been asking for a dubbed OP game for the last 6 years! Why? Because its been a hit since Funi licensed the anime! People love the dub! What part of that do you not understand? Do facts go right over your head? You need to read what people send to you!

                Well your feelings don’t equal fact, so your opinion is invalid over official statistics and fan reception as I JUST explained again. Just because you don’t believe there is doesn’t put you in the right. How many times do I need to repeat myself? If doesn’t matter if you are bashing it or not, you are WRONG on literally every level and have no understanding here!

                • Trulynd Hall

                  Yea people love it but I’m still saying that it doesn’t warrant a dubbed game. I got everything you said but you aren’t getting me. It’s popular I get it. But One Piece isn’t Naruto Level(outside of Japan) of popular especially it’s games. Ok… People have been asking for it but that must mean it’s wasn’t enough to change their mind or think it’d be worth it. The games won’t be dubbed in a long time because of that. It’s as simple as that.

                  And I wasn’t clinging on to the reddit thing I even apologized for using it, thank you very much.

                  You said… “It doesn’t matter how popular the series is, the decision to dub a game is up to the company that owns it, they don’t care about reception, they are picky and screw certain series over.”
                  -So why would the facts matter then? If one guy went in the office and said I don’t think the dub is popular enough that chooses it?

                  “People have been asking for a dubbed OP game for the last 6 years! Why? Because its been a hit since Funi licensed the anime! People love the dub! What part of that do you not understand? Do facts go right over your head?”
                  -Ok I agree with you, I’m not saying you’re wrong. But so what? How many people love it? I’m saying whatever that number is it’s not enough. to catch NB attention. Yea funi licensed it that is a fact and OP grew, but an obvious one.

                  “You said yourself you don’t go looking at facts/statistics, so how is none of this getting to you after I explained it?”

                  -Yea cause I didn’t want to spend a lot of time looking. Simple as that, they exist I know that. Why didn’t you go look for them? Cause I know for sure there’s thousands of articles that have the debate of SUB vs DUB.

                  But here’s what I do know OnePiece will not get a dubbed game for a long while.

                • Trulynd Hall

                  On that note I’ve seen enough to know this isn’t going anywhere. I can see you are a passionate OP fan. And I read everything you said, truly i have. I hold no ill will towards you or anything like that. Ok ok i’m wrong but I still believe that we aren’t seeing a OP game dubbed no matter facts given. Sorry… I hope not to argue with you in the future.

                  • You still don’t understand anything and refuse to accept things here. You clearly haven’t understood a single thing here and your attitude and words are proof of that. You have no right to call things simple when you on occasion have stated yourself you do not go looking out for facts or statistics. You have been continuously using false logic and have been contradicting yourself here time and time again.

                    I’ll have to debunk everything for you again, and hopefully this time something will get through to you. Although considering your rude behavior at this point I’m doubting if you ever want to listen. You may act like you are trying to be neutral on the matter but clearly your words and actions have proven otherwise to me.

                    Your comment regarding Naruto is mostly up to opinion. Sure OP had a rocky start but all that changed in 2007 in the US when Funimation licensed the anime and helped it rise to fame here. Of course anime will be popular in Japan, usually it is more popular over, or to be precise its a norm. Western countries view anime/manga as a luxury of sorts so we at times cherish it a bit more. But trying to compare the two fame wise is a mix of opinion and up for debate. Technically if we want to talk about sales and current reception, OP actually dominates. It might sound hypocritical but considering how things change over years Naruto has been unbalanced lately.

                    Fame wise OP has sold over 400 million copies world-wide, the anime has been well received world wide to boot. As stated previously, Funimation greatly helped contribute to its comeback. But comparing those two series is for another time and has nothing to do with this conversation.

                    Yes, you were. Want me to show you your words? You were actually trying to pass that off as factual.

                    Why? Because Namco can be stingy. They released the entire PW series and World Red subbed only for quick releases simply for profit. Facts should matter but Namco doesn’t need to acknowledge it, all they care about is licensing games and profit. Whether they want to dub it is entirely up to them, regardless of its popularity or anything otherwise.

                    How many people? More than enough. Sales for the anime continue to be profitalbe, and last I checked as soon as Toonami began airing the anime it gets roughly half a million watchers+ regularly. Namco is not in control of the anime, only the video games are their concern. Again it doesn’t matter how popular it is, they make the rules for video games.

                    Of course you don’t want to spend the time looking for facts. Blindly calling out false facts and making unjust accusations gets you know where if you are trying to hold a conversation or debate. No one writes articles on sub vs dub, again websites like Reddit hold NO AUTHORITY. Why can’t you get that through your head?

                    No, you do not know anything. The only thing you do know and have made clear is that you have absolutely no idea how licensing works and that you are one of the most uninformed people here to try and talk about the subject.

                    Twice now you admit to not doing any research, so you have nothing to argue or to defend when literally everything you’ve been saying has been a shot in the dark.

                    Yes I’m a fan, but I’m also being realistic. Whether or not you actually read anything doesn’t matter, because based on your own words its highly apparent you have no understanding here for the topic. In all honesty you’ve made it more than clear you don’t do research, so I’m not surprised if you haven’t been reading because you yourself have said you don’t understand it.

                    You just can’t keep your story can you? You try spouting false facts then use a random article to justify things, pull out random comments then go on and off to say you are wrong?

                    What facts? You haven’t been giving ANYTHING factual! You yourself said that! Not to mention I’ve been debunking literally everything you’ve been saying! You have nothing factual here because you can’t keep your excuses straight and you already admitted to being wrong.

                    So no, you have NO FACTS to back up anything, and you’ve proven this time and time again. You have made it clear you don’t understand anything its painfully obvious. So no, you don’t get to say you know the facts when you can’t keep anything straight.

                    This wasn’t an argument, this was a slaughter. You came to me with made up comments, accusations, and an argument you couldn’t defend. That’s what happens when you come unprepared.

                    You are wrong about everything. I’m sorry you failed to understand anything, but ignorance is bliss I supposed. You came unprepared and that is your loss.

                    • Trulynd Hall

                      Ok sure whatever you say but a OP game isn’t going to dubbed anytime soon, and that’s a fact. You should be realistic and believe in that reality cause it’s true. That’s all I need to understand, maybe you should stop being like that. It’s not good for you…

                    • So much for you to running away. You wait all that time just to reply again in such a rude manner? You really are that immature it seems. I’m not surprised you didn’t comprehend any of that. Facts seem to fly right over you.

                      I’m not really surprised, you ignored everything and blew off the entire subject because you can’t comprehend anything. You give facts? Are you joking?

                      Let me show you some things you’ve said:
                      ” I didn’t go out of my way to find charts and statistics.”
                      “Ok ok I’m wrong”

                      So you have no room to talk about giving “facts” when on multiple occasions you admit to not doing any research and you’ve made it painfully obvious you don’t know what you are talking about.

                      You have no right to give me that attitude after all of this. I’m the only one being realistic here because unlike you, I actually do research to back up my claims.

                      So no, you don’t know that because you have admitted to not understanding anything and you keep making up new excuses every time I debunk your crappy comments. So don’t act all smug when you are the immature, misinformed jerk who can’t even read and lacks the gall to reply like an adult.

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      Alright ladies this has gone on long enough. My phone has been vibrating for days for every back and forth. Neither of you are going to convince each other. Just please drop the whole thing and let it go guys.

                    • Then just delete it and ignore the conversation, it didn’t involve you and he initially stopped replying up until last night. He has nothing to “convince” with, I’m the only one being realistic here.

                      Look say what you want, I know you won’t get it but just ignore it yourself please. It doesn’t involve you and depends on if he wants to reply. You don’t need to be rude about it.

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      I’m not just some random user telling you to stop. It involves me once it gets nasty and unproductive. On top of that my phone is vibrating like crazy when you two go at it. I really don’t care for whats going on here honestly but it needs to stop.

                    • I know you aren’t just anybody, and I’m sorry you view the scenario like this. But it’s nothing to worry about, no need for you to get involved.

                      It’s not like a 24/7 thing, he stopped after 7 days and decided to reply again after making that lest comment. If he chooses to reply to me again in that manner, I will respond. It’s not hurting anyone.

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      As a mod I cant ignore this either. Had this been more productive I wouldn’t have bothered. Once I come back from vacation I’m deleting these. I’d do it now but my phone isnt cooperating with me right now.

                    • Why delete something that’s been over and done with? It’s not hurting or impacting anyone but the two of us. It seems to be a bit over the top to delete something as silly as this.

                      You have nothing to worry about, just ignore it, it’s not affecting the site or hurting anything. A few notifications? People comment on the site all the time.

                    • Trulynd Hall

                      I’m sorry I didn’t see this

                    • Sucking up? Seriously?

                    • Trulynd Hall

                      What the heck is wrong with you? This is their site. I love their sit and content and I’m not going to cause them any problems like this. Sorry Tagerz, I’ll delete my comments and save you some work.

                      Hopefully you do the same, let’s respect his site. Sorry for blowing up your phone.

                    • I should be asking you that. You practically are the cause for all of this and you go and make such a snobbsh, kiss-ass comment like that.

                      You have NO RIGHT to lecture me here. It’s one article on a Disqus section, its not the headline of the website. It’s not hurting anyone.

                      How about instead you quit trying to act like a suck up and instead just stop replying in general? You initially did that but had to start fighting back with an attitude.

                      We aren’t destroying the environment, so don’t be so over dramatic. Do us a favor and just stop replying for good this time. You started it, so be mature and end it.

                    • Trulynd Hall

                      Not like you’ve been polite either. I didn’t wait to reply i simply forgot. No Op dubbed game. Namco said they want to preserve the anime feel, which really means they don’t care for dubbing the game. That’s all the proof we need. 3 unddubed warriors games, world red and the rpg one on the 3ds. Do you really believe they care to dub a game? I sure don’t.

                    • Why do you keep persisting? Quit trying to play innocent. You said it yourself earlier you didn’t want to keep replying so just stop then. You lost a long time ago.

                      Well Namco makes excuses. That’s not even a valid reason they gave. Then technically we shouldn’t be getting dubbed DBZ and Naruto games. It’s just an excuse. Funimation made DBZ what it is, they did the same thing to OP. That lame comment holds no merit here. You actually looked something up though, even though it was useless like everything else you say.

                      I know you don’t care because you’ve been acting like an arrogant child and you are throwing a fit about this. People are looking to change Namco, and it’s working out so far.

                      You sound quite arrogant for a person who admitted on multiple occasions to not doing research or goes looking for facts. You’ve made it apparent you don’t understand anything so stop trying to act tough when you rely on Reddit for facts.

                      So why keep trying to fight a losing argument? You failed a long time ago and keep saying you won’t reply. Do us a favor and quit this and at least try to act mature about it for once.

  • Lupin III

    I’m OK with the roster so far. I’m still hesitant on the game overall. I know I’ll still pick it up unless it gets panned with it’s JPN release. Anyone have any guesses on the 2 surprise characters from the end of the trailer? Looks like two additional forms of Luffy…

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Second one is definitely Luffy. The first one is giving me a Marco vibe but I don’t remember him ever posing like that.

      • Hagaren

        Somehow I’m more inclined to say the first one is Luffy and the second one I have no idea…
        Marco’s hairstyle doesn’t fit either silhouette….

        • TheGameTagerZ

          The second one is luffy leaning forward (can tell from the spikes) and the round shape on the head is the hat.

          Yeah probably not Marco then.

          • Hagaren

            Ok I see it too, now.
            But the first one also looks like Luffy….. And none of them have an Afro shape so no Afro Luffy….
            Welp, I’m stumped. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

            • TheGameTagerZ

              If they have afro luffy and kuro I wont complain about the roster like at all lol.

              • Hagaren

                You know it.
                I’ve been wanting an Afro Luffy alt in Pirate Warriors ever since the Grand Battle days.
                Now would be the perfect time and game to add one.

              • Bdock3601

                captain kuro? i want him like crazy….even PW3 just made him support only

          • Gamejtv

            The one with the sun on its foot looks like Luffy from the Yie ar One Piece color page.

            • TheGameTagerZ

              you have an image?

              • Gamejtv


                • TheGameTagerZ

                  We have a winner

                  • 0kratos

                    he is luffy ..

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      I know they’re both luffy. I mean the reference image to the last one.

                • chris

                  Its clearly female luffy ^_^

                • Lifestreamer

                  As soon as I saw the pic I remembered that color page, I’m guessing the other one is Dressrosa Luffy.

                  But it’s messed up how they’re treating them as characters rather than costumes, I swear, if in the very first OPBB title we get 4 versions of Luffy I’m calling it bs.

                • chris

                  The luffy behind the first one looks like he has frills or something like that on his left (our right) shoulder other than that I don’t recall seeing it before

  • Kiera

    Great Trailer, hope we will see Gameplay Videos from Jump Festa. And hope the Girls get confirmed soon. Europe gets it in June, so good 😀

  • NZH97

    This just keeps getting better and better and sooo much anime stuff coming out in 2016 , can’t wait

  • Wex Tar

    Does anyone know if the Marineford edition come with the Gear 4 Luffy + 2 exclusive character Pre order?

    • Ryu

      No offense, but that’s probably one of the stupidest questions I’ve heard.
      The Fourth Gear and +2 exclusive characters are pre-order content.
      As long as you pre-order the game, whether it’s Marineford Editon or the standard Day-One edition, you’ll get the content.

      • A guy


  • imichigo1

    what does it mean by hints of two support characters, I didn’t see any

    • chris

      its surprise characters not support and they are costumes of luffy

      • imichigo1

        k, thanks

  • This game keeps getting better and better!

  • SR

    Is the game not coming to the ps vita in the US?

    • spyro20

      it is.

      • SR

        I asked cause I couldn’t find it on amazon xD.