Ultimate Ninja Storm Collection Announced


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  • randy191993

    Again, wird choice not to put this on Xbox and PC. They would have been the perfect audience for this collection as the only way to play the highly praised original of the series.

    This way almost everyone will have these games already. Seems pointless this way.

    • Vincent Roberson

      It’s not a weird choice, but a wrong choice. I would love to play this on Xbox 360 as I already majority of the games on Xbox except the very first one.

      • randy191993

        I’m sure they had their reasons to do it, but as it stands i don’t understand that decision. People like you would have been the prime target: Xboxers who have most games but can’t get the first because it doesn’t exist on your console. Most people would have bough the collection just to play the first.

        Seems like a lot of wasted potential.

        • Vincent Roberson

          Yeah, it does.

          • randy191993

            i assume they just wanted a quick cashgrab. Since all games were on PS3 already they just had to copy all games on a disc and quickly make a menu that let’s you choose which game to start. That entire collection was probably done in about a month of worktime before it went into production.

            Porting Storm 1 to the other consoles would have taken work. This way, they didn’t have to touch the games at all, just copy the DLC in, paste the game folders onto the DVD and make a menu. Done.

    • Insta buy for me in Steam as well as I started the series with Storm 3 Full Burst, maybe current gen, pc and xbox 360 will get a port of this after Storm 4?

      Making this a Ps3 exclusive does seems bit pointless to me as most fans in Ps3 already have these games.

      • randy191993

        exactly what i’m thinking. PS3 is pretty much the only console this collection doesn’t make any sense on. But i really really doubt they will port this over later on.

        I guess this was just a quick try to get a cashgrab. All games are on PS3 already so they just have to copy them together and make a launcher programm that the game boots into.

        I assume the entire collection was done in about a month or less and probably a short term decision of “Well when we make the last storm now, let’s quickly do that too to earn some extra bucks”. Everything else would have needed to programm the games themselves. This way, they don’t need to change anything on the game at all, just copy them all on a disc and make a menu that let’s you choose which to start.

  • Gamejtv

    Meh. But oh that cover. That’s some lazy right there.

  • Evil-BoredomXIII-2

    I wish cc2 made a ultimate ninja collection instead of an ultimate ninja storm collection.

    • KonjikinoSora

      Yeah, I really want to play Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 on PS3. I never got to try a real 4-player match.

      • Dr.ONE

        you know its a PSP game right?

        • KonjikinoSora

          Yeah, but it’s still an Ultimate Ninja game. There’s been several other PSP games remastered for PS3
          (I know it seems dumb for me to reply this late, but I barely check my discus account).

    • Young Link

      True that I can’t even play my PS2 anymore because it will look like pixelated garbage on my tv

      • British_Otaku

        Knowing Bandai Namco, it would be a lazy port which does the minimum, meaning it will probably still look like garbage.

  • Enzevil

    I don’t think this collection will sell very well, because most fans already got all versions. Newcomers will probably just buy the newest version, since it will be the best one. Of course, some will buy this product, but since it’s only for PS3 I think it won’t sell that much. But that is probably because Storm “1” is a PS3 exclusive.

    Would be great if they released this on other platforms like PC, so that PC-only users can experience the complete Naruto story, and not just Storm 3, Revolution and 4. Also for the Xbox 360, since they never got Storm 1. Maybe it would also be a better point if they released it for PS4/Xbox One, so that current-gen players can buy two games (Storm Collection + Storm 4) for one console, and have the whole Storm experience without the need of the “old” console, because some have ditched it. Or it’s just that they don’t want to port the other versions for other platforms and want to focus on Storm 4.

    Either way, I already have all Storm games so I will skip this one, but I can’t wait for Storm 4. I think the boxart looks a bit cheap, they could ‘ve make it better in my opinion. Maybe they should release a special edition with special goodies, so that collectors could buy this collection.

    But whatever, Storm 4 is almost here! The hype is getting real!

  • Ben Garrett

    meh, I don’t have 1, 2, or 3 (got a ps3 when Generations came out and I skipped 3 and got Revolution) if this is ultimately a collection of the story mode, I would just be happy with that.

  • Lucian

    I wish they did an ultimate ninja collection with 3, 4, and 5 (that never released to America).