One Piece: Burning Blood – New Scan Shows Off Logia Type Devil Fruit Users


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  • Lifestreamer

    If this scan is of any indication Kuzan is more of a counter character and Ace has ground and aerial combo versatility, idk about Kuzan because it was not the case seeing a few gameplays of him, but now I’m even more curious about Ace, if he has indeed good aerial combos I would like to connect “Shinka Shiranui” as a finisher, but I don’t know if it is a part of his moveset.

    These scans detail more about the super finishers, imo Sabo’s “Ryu no Ibuki” is stronger than “Kaen Ryuou” but I can see why they chose this one since it’s the first attack he combines both flames with the “Ryuusouken”, about the rest of them I’m good.

  • I love the detail they put into the Logia types.

  • NZH97

    Kuzan’s Ice Age looks sick

  • RENA-chan

    Glad that Hancock got her Kuja/Busoshoku Haki ! Time to beat those Logia bakas!