Naruto Storm 4 – 20 Brand New Gameplay & Collection Videos Courtesy of SDotStormZHD


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  • Quin Street



    Well rins awakening and ultimate were pretty much what I expected.

  • imichigo1

    I really hope that everyone gets their last outfits not just naruto, sasuke hinata and sakura

    • Ahtma

      Those are the only characters that get their The Last outfits.

      • imichigo1

        Thats dumb

      • Cipher

        As far as I am aware, the information regarding the costumes in the upcoming DLC isn’t confirmed. So they may get it as there is still a high chance of a “The Last” focused DLC.

        • nope, only the DLC 1 and 2 will get one costume each and 10 costumed from previous storm game. In DLC 1, the costume is The Hokage Naruto and in 2nd DLC, it is the wandering shinobi sasuke costume. Oh and the DLC costumes are confirmed.

  • Kamuikenshi

    Rin looks cool.Tobirama & Hiruzen ougis look savage.Still waiting for Zetsu Obito 🙂

    • Hagaren

      I haven’t been watching too many vids of this game, does Zetsu Obito have an unmasked version?

      • Kamuikenshi

        Yes.He has his mask on in his base form and the mask opens up for his awakening.There should be a full moveset video of him later today.

        • Hagaren

          Alrighty then.
          Thank you!

  • Narutard01

    Soooo, I assume they removed the wall fighting from the free battles then.

  • Gascan Kitty

    I hope Toneri is confirmed tomorow.


    I think this video needs to be added to this list

  • tylerc23

    I just got word from a source in Japan that that there will be a new version of Storm 4 released Winter 2016, called “Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: Final” or “Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Final Storm” and it will have:

    New Story:
    – The Last: Naruto the Movie story
    – Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Springs
    – Boruto the Movie Story.

    New Characters:
    Villians: Toneri, Shin Uchiha (Clones), and Momoshki
    Ninja: Boruto and Sarada (included), Mitsuki

    New Stages and 3 new Combo Jutsus. (Naruto + Hinata + Boruto / Sasuke + Sakura + Sarada / Boruto + Sarada + Mitsuki)

    New Skins:
    Boruto – (Young Naruto jacket)
    Naruto – (Hokage without cape)
    Sakura – Boruto the movie outfit

    • Shinibi Tiger

      I got word that naruto has a iPhone 7. Oh wait there’s no proof so it isn’t true. Same with u, proof or fake I think u just got a bit too creative there buddy

      • tylerc23

        I have no proof, but I was actually told this by someone I trust. I can’t confirm it to be true, but I hope it is

        • Shinibi Tiger


          • tylerc23

            I know. I’m just the messenger bud. I’m with you. I want proof of it too but like I said, I trust my source. Whether their source is right, that I don’t know