Naruto Storm 4 Official Website Details “The Ninja World Tournament” in Adventure Mode


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    Oh cool they brought this back! I wonder if we’ll get that tournament stage back too.

    • Bobby Jennings/GodlessChaos

      I dont think its that kind of NWT. This seems to just be repeated free battles against the CPU

      • STEVEN

        That’s what it looks like but who knows maybe they’ll surprise us. I doubt it but still.

        • Bobby Jennings/GodlessChaos

          You’re right. Just a couple more weeks

  • Enzevil

    Doesn’t look so special. Ah well, atleast it’s more content.

  • P Gilz

    It’s doesn’t look like the 4 player brawl tournament from Naruto Storm Revolution Tournament. Oh well.

  • Lucian

    Oh, it sounds like it’s supposed to be something like that tournament mode story arc from Ultimate Ninja 3.

    • I loved that story line. Fighting everyone till the finals. And Naruto being the Hokage for a week.

      • Gammy

        It wasn’t UN2?

        • RemixerUltimate

          Nope, that was three.

      • Lucian

        and hating it xD

    • Tempo-117

      Yep that fight with Kakashi in the end was dope

      • Lucian


  • Gamer Seat

    Versus mode is all I’m looking forward to.

  • Marco Balanco

    So basically we can choose any character and create our own team or did I misheard that I only have to play as Naruto?

  • ShonenJUMP Lover

    aw man i was hoping to see that 4 player mode from revolution, and maybe it being in free battle or online for multiplayer

    • Cipher

      That mode was a mess, it was basically one player being spammed from all directions.

  • Hentailover

    Dunno where else to post. A small shitstorm may be heading your way about old V-jump translation involving Ebisu missions. Turns out it doesn’t unlock any elite shinobi at all… it doesn’t unlock anything whatsoever, not even a Trophy.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Yup a few are starting to make their way through. The issue is that this could have easily been an alternative way to unlock regular characters. We never said secret or anything we knew as much as everyone else did when the scan came out.

      By now I’m sure you and everyone else know how vague and colorful Vjump is. Those guys got the console for one piece wrong for like three scans in a row and put PS3.

  • LightningX

    Is the offline tournament on free battle 1 player vs com only?