One Piece Burning Blood: Check Out The Shichibukai & The Marines Vs The Whitebeard Pirates In Action


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  • Saki Miyanaga

    So you can select Hero or Legend like Naruto Storm 3? Nice.

  • Gamejtv

    I hope the cutscenes will be like RB2’s opening.

  • Lifestreamer

    Jinbe, Marco, Sakazuki and Whitebeard, this is very good news, 4 awesome characters revealed at once.

    So you can play by the pirates or the marine side? Great! I think depending on the side you’re on one can unlock the characters whose side you take, so maybe to unlock everyone from this story arc you must play more than once.

  • Hagaren

    Roster really is shaping up nicely! And there’s lot of time left for more til April.
    Looking great!

  • The game has been continuing to impress!

  • Venoct

    Aw heck yeah. Freaking Marco
    Freaking… Freakin”g”… There’s the “G”. Lao G when?