Koei Asks People to Vote On What Anime Collaboration Would You Like to See In a Gust Title

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  • chris

    Hitman reborn and beelzebub ftw

  • Bdock3601

    I did naruto & hxh…I wanted to do one punch man with something but toriko wasn’t an option and only one piece would have appealed to me, and they have enough collaborations for me

  • imichigo1

    Bleach, and hunter x hunter

  • Buru

    Hunter x Hunter

  • Ryu

    Damn…I need to actually log into Facebook…

  • Ryu

    Well, anyone who wants to submit my vote, My Hero Academia.

  • Gammy

    One Punch man x My hero Academia

    Or a One punch man game on Platinum Games style

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Not a completely new game from what I understand it’s just a crossover with the Gust series.

  • Vincent Roberson

    Naruto & Fairy Tail are lovely match in heaven. Magic & Ninjutsu together are unstoppable.

    • To me, that match up just sounds so wrong.

      • Vincent Roberson

        How does that wonderful match up sound wrong?

        • Because it’s not wonderful match up that should never happen. Those two series could not be more far apart, and a crossover wouldn’t work out. Those two series together is just so, out of place.

  • SuperSagejin

    Who are they? And is there an actual chance of them doing this, or are they just yanking our chains?

    • Toph

      I doubt it will happen

  • RedDragon10

    I don’t understand the “officialness” of this poll. Wouldn’t all parties involved need consent? (fairy tail, SAO, and the Jump titles?)

  • Froggy Lord

    It bothers me how many people are getting confused by this. It’s not “Choose two anime to appear side by side in a game together!”, it’s “Choose two anime that we might take a reference from, be it a place or a character, and we’ll have them cameo in one of our future games.”

    Think what Hyperdimension Neptunia does with consoles/companies, but with anime instead.

  • The Black Revy

    Akame Ga Kill! & Fate Zero/Fate Stay/Night Unlimited Blade Works

    • Toph

      Forgot about Akame Ga Kill

  • Angry Troll Face

    Just develop a Project X Zone alike anime game.

  • I chose FT and One Piece.

  • British_Otaku

    Tch, missed the chance. I would have gone with Hunter X Hunter and One Punch Man, the other named examples get a ton of games and stuff.

  • Amal A

    I want Dragon Ball Super x Fairy Tail It would be awesome.