One Piece Burning Blood: Website Updates On War for the Top Mode


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  • Toph

    I don’t get it. What’s the mode? :s

    Is “War for the top” what they are calling story mode?

    • Lupin III

      I want to say it’s separate from Story mode… But I’m starting to think since the way their marketing it that this will be the main mode of the game.

    • HystericalGameZ

      I think this is actually the Story-mode. Not too sure though.

      • Angry Troll Face

        No, it’s a separate mode.

        • Angry Troll Face


  • Angry Troll Face

    Lol, I thought this was supposed to be only a fighting game. Spike and Namco Bandai really want to put a lot of effort into this game.

  • NZH97

    4 Emperors? Others confirmed?

    • British_Otaku

      It is just a relic from the Japanese.
      They always say “Shichibukai” (which refers to all seven warlords) and “Yonkou” (which refers to all four emperors), even if talking about one of them or some of them aren’t around. It is more of a title.

      I assume they won’t have all four Emperors.

      Similarly, Whitebeard is called “Shirohige” in Japanese. “Hige” refers to facial hair in general so him having a moustache instead isn’t a joke or anything.

  • Lifestreamer

    So in this section there will be 3 scenarios, I wonder if you have to beat those 3 or choose only one.

  • Ahtma

    Here’s hoping the cutscenes are more than standing in place and opening/closing their mouths over and over.

  • Dado_8
  • PhPhill

    For those that haven’t seen, aside from Marco, WB, Akainu and Jinbe the website right now also confirms: Jozu, Moriah, Mihawk, Kuma, Kizaru and Sengoku.

  • xNightxFallx

    Hey just wondering( sorry for commenting on a OP page) have you gets checked the PC files for any secret characters or dlc in storm 4?