Dragon Ball: Project Fusion Scan Reveals Minor Details of The Story Mode

In 3DS

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  • Kurama(Sobo the Robo Hobo)

    So this game is basically “Birth” the Video game. You play as a product of a sperm and an egg… Or two different people if you want to put it vaguely.

  • omexheartless21

    JACK I love you!!!!

  • Hagaren

    Small glimpse of Kakaroly right there.

  • Gammy

    Can’t wait to see Kakaroly in all his greatness

  • Golden Trafalgar

    Thanks for the scan translation 😀 Do you know if there Is a V-jump scan for One Piece Burning Blood ?

    • NZH97

      Seems there was

      • Golden Trafalgar

        Nevermind for the quality, at least there’s a confirmation for a V-jump scan, thanks

        • NZH97

          Here it is better quality

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    Why does Broku have a capsule corp. symbol on his left hand?

  • NZH97

    Can you translate the Burning Blood website? it updated today