One Piece: Burning Blood New Trailer Shows Off The Paramount War


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  • Lupin III

    That trailer felt good.

  • chris

    Blackbeard/Coby/Shanks confirmed (:

  • Lifestreamer

    Blackbeard seems very strong, but since Squardo has a model is he playable?I hope not.

    • Lupin III

      The fact that Squardo has a model shows how much their at least effort they are putting in the Paramount War mode. I hope it’s the same effort to the rest of the. Even Pirate Warriors used generic pirates in place of others who weren’t playable.

      • chris

        it worried me we didnt see the other Vice Admirals such as garp or tsuru or that we didnt see other WB commanders but more than likely that was just supposed to be a taste

  • Another epic trailer debuts! Hopefully Shanks is playable, since he has a model it’s a good chance!