Review: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 (PC Version)

  • Ahtma

    CC2 is a really weird company. Every step forward they take (removing types, leader change) they trip up like crazy (lack of spectating in online modes, Adventure mode, no accessories system).

    • TheGameTagerZ

      The people didn’t want an accessories system Namco kind of did a poll and the expected response was “more characters”.

      • Ahtma

        Which is a shame because the only three very technically new characters (not counting Boruto and Sarada) were Hanabi, Rin, and Kaguya. The rest were two Narutos, two Sasukes, an Obito and Madara, and a new Kakashi.

        I just thought the accessories system was really neat and helped to make the character you chose to use more like your character. I was hoping it would’ve been expanded in Storm 4 but alas. Here’s hoping if CC2 keeps up the games they go back to the beginning of the series and start over fresh.

  • I was expecting a lower score after the mixed reviews I have read on Steam, but this is pretty reasonable/logical score. In my case, this game is on the fence considering the online issues such as the unbalanced/nerfed characters, spectator mode, etc. Just my own thoughts on the matter.

    Didn’t expect an even more professional review than an already well done ones; the layout is cooool looking.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      This game if the launch was smooth and had it’s online features it would have been at least an 8. A lot of the steam complaints are justified too.

  • Yasser

    5/10 for me (PS4 version). I don’t even play the game anymore.

  • Kurama(Sobo the Robo Hobo)

    It seems that everyone absolutely hates the game. I think this game did fairly well.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I don’t hate it, but it had a couple of silly removals/choices that made the game less enjoyable.


    While it’s great that the combat types were removed – it really is – I think that it is not something CC2 should be complimented for. When I found out the feature was going to be in Rev, I quickly came to the conclusion that it would do the game no good. It was very easy to figure that one out, it just takes a bit of logic. What the players want: more variety, more abilities per character. What combat types do: take away variety, take away abilities per character.

    Another thing I’d like to address is the anime stills… everyone seems to be displeased with them. I on the other hand am very glad they put these in. Why? Because it takes a lot of time for them to work out all cutscenes in 3D. Sure, it’d be great if they were 3D cutscenes, but I don’t think I want CC2’s focus to lie there. What about the great features people have been asking for? What about the combat system? This is the kind of things I think deserve the devs’ attention. Even now, with anime stills, the game feels lacking in multiple areas.

    For example adventure mode… it’s just crap. I barely touched it because it bored me to death from the very first minute. I heard you can’t even jump… need I say more?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I’ll address these by pieces

      Combat Types: They could have easily just ignored us and kept them in they did it to try to be EVO competitive but it only broke the game more. It’s like thanking a publisher for not adding micro transactions to their games because they did it in previous titles. It’s nothing to really compliment for, but in a day and age where they wont hesitate to do so there’s some respect earned with it. That’s how I see the combat types issue.

      Anime Stills: The anime stills were incredibly dry like honestly if it was bearable I wouldn’t have even addressed it. I think sometimes people take an issue less series because it’s a popular opinion while I agree with that sometimes if it’s something that doesn’t need to be complained about.

      I wasn’t expecting 3D cutscenes all the way through. We actually got a lot more than I expected, but they couldn’t get Studio Pierrot to work on short animated scenes? Lets say they were too busy to do that I would rather have in-game model stills with different poses for what they have to say.

      • BUGHUNTER6 .

        Fair enough, I totally see where you’re coming from. 🙂 Thanks for the reply.

  • Flavio Sirasa

    Actually the “Support” type is called “Drive” type.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Thanks sorry about that my mistake

  • tylerc23

    Very good review. I agree pretty much completely.

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  • TheGameTagerZ

    No plugs Tyler sorry :/

  • chris

    What I was hoping for in terms of changes/additions to the game

    Wall Running/Battling (promised to us in free mode as well early on and then made story only)
    One character with multiple awakenings (basically base naruto would be able to use either Dpad or sticks to awaken to sage,KCM,Kurama,etc.)
    Multiple Jutsus (Use Dpad to use different jutsus and get rid of items)

    These are really the main things I feel couldve made the game a 10/10 for me and a much more enjoyable experience but I still love the game

    • BUGHUNTER6 .

      Did CC2 really promise wall-running for free battle? They might have, I just remember Matsuyama telling us they couldn’t promise us that it would be more than a story mode feature at some point.
      I do think this feature, if it was more fleshed out (it’s better than Storm 1 but still feels kind of messy and not as cool as it could be imo), could have really given us that revolutionary feeling for the game. The only new feature that really makes Storm 4 feel like a new game is the leader change mechanic, so I think anyway. Multiple awakenings per character would have been really cool but I didn’t expect it in the least… It could work though. I don’t think using D-pad for multiple jutsu is a good idea, but I do think multiple jutsu is. Would have been really nice to have, maybe it could work like modders are doing it. Holding down different directions with the analog stick and performing a jutsu for different types. Would have added a lot of variety…

      • chris

        Ya they had promised it early on in the development when they showed the sasuke on wall vs naruto on ground concept art and had said they were working on it for multiplayer but as we all know it flopped and didn’t get added

        • Ahtma

          They said specifically that they were working on adding it but if they couldn’t properly balance it for free battle it wasn’t going to be in free battle. They never guaranteed wall running outside of story.

          • chris

            You do understand that in an interview with J patrol (I believe it was J patrol) they had talked about it being in online/free mode in order to ad new mechanics to the game as well as the concept art which shows naruto vs sasuke in the village fighting which if you read naruto shippuden never happened so it is very much what many believed to be confirmation otherwise it was very misleading

            • Ahtma

              Source or it didn’t happen.

              • chris

                I’m not going to waste time trying to find something that, if you were following development, you should already know about.

      • Ahtma

        They promised that they’d work on it and if they couldn’t balance it for free battle they said it would’ve remained in story.


    I was expecting more complaints from people about the boss battles to be honest. You can see that a lot of mechanics in them were copy-pasted. I really, really hated the Susano’o fight between Sasuke and Madara in the air. Was really easy and underwhelming for me… On a side note, Kakashi vs Obito should have been a lot more dramatic as well. As for Naruto vs Sasuke, I was hoping for a little less flashbacks and clashes. A little more hand-to-hand combat that isn’t just plain free battle style. They could’ve kept the weak punches till after that. But oh well, I guess I’m just nitpicking 😛

  • MoatsG

    I can’t agree with the animated stills being “boring”. To be honest, the combination of the 3D animated cutscenes and the animated stills made the story mode more dynamic than with just the 3D animation alone.

  • BatmanDaGAWD

    I would give it an 8.5 or 9