Boku no Hero Academia’s Anime Gets A New Trailer With Glorious English Subtitles

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  • AzIz

    Looks promising
    This is my list so far for Spring:
    JJBA Part 4
    Ace Attorney
    My Hero Academia

  • Trulynd Hall

    Can’t even put into words how excited I am for this!
    But I worry since it’s such a young series…

  • Kurama(Sobo the Robo Hobo)

    Oh, so the subtitles aren’t from Viz Media.

  • Scott Baker

    They say this would be top prospect manga to replace Naruto and so far it has done so

    • Kurama(Sobo the Robo Hobo)

      You guys need to stop comparing old series with new series, just accept them as a series. “This is a very similar to Dragon Ball” “This seems to be a like One Piece”
      “This is the New Naruto.”

      • HystericalGameZ

        I think it’s fair to compare this to Naruto. You can draw parallels between characters and story arcs.

        The manga that’s REALLY similar to Naruto however is Black Clover, which has a very similar premise and first arc.

        I think the reason people want to say this is the “new naruto” is because we all know something is going to have to take that spot as the next big thing coming from Shonen Jump with movies animes and games, as well as a large Western audience.

        This has a good chance of doing just that.

        • Gammy

          Black Clover is a mic of Fairy Tail and Naruto…Better than FT but worse than Naruto

          Aster is probably the most annoying protagonist I have ever saw…plus the characters developmets in BC is really bad written (The thunder dude developmets during the dungeon arc was really pathetic)

      • Scott Baker

        sorry but i just wanted to know why you replied with this comment. i didnt say it was naruto or similer in any suit back when naruto ended shonen jump featured this manga on cover nexto bleach and one piece what im saying is it was there way of saying this may fill the gap of big three after naruto , that is what i ment by to replace,

  • Gammy

    The best ongoing Shonen right now with Assassination classroom

  • British_Otaku

    Hyped to see Deku in motion. Hyped to get that 3DS game too.