One Piece Burning Blood’s Latest Scans Features Mihawk and Sengoku (Daibutsu) In Action


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  • imichigo1

    Is hody confirmed!?

  • Toph

    Was I the only one that clicked the youtube play button on the scan?… *facepalm*

  • Kurama(Sobo the Robo Hobo)

    What’s a Hito Hito no mi? Does he not like hitting?

    • Hayate Omega ZX (Sora Sen)

      IIRC it’s the Human fruit

  • That image of Hody at the top looks like a chibi, isn’t there a OP IOS game in the works or released in Japan?

    • NZH97

      Yeah, One Piece Thousand Storm

      • Is it still in development or has it been released in Japan already?

        • NZH97

          still being developed I think

          • Hopefully it released outside Japan, it looks pretty fun.

            • NZH97

              I think it will since Treasure Cruise was a success

              • Treasure Cruise was pretty fun, although I deleted it after a few months.

  • Lifestreamer

    That image with Mihawk slicing Sengoku in 2 is pretty aesome, and he’ll op as hell, I’m calling it.

  • Hayate Omega ZX (Sora Sen)

    Wait Sengoku what kind of Haki? I thought he only has Kenbunshoku not Buso or Hao

  • Kunmi Oriyomi

    The Only Two characters Ieft to add is – Shanks and Silvers Rayleigh

  • Baryll

    Dat new site doe

  • TheWay

    Well well..