One Piece Burning Blood: Game Will Feature Up To 42 Playable Characters


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  • Angry Troll Face

    So I guess the other scans were poinless to translate?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Translations were taking a bit so we decided to post this at least

    • I`m still translating. It`s just a lot to do in a short time but dont worry they should be up today!

      • KidKojack

        Take your time. It’s a lot to translate it because you guys work hard.

  • Nice! 42 is a good amount, and it’s a pretty varied roster. I wonder if in the future they will add more as extra DLC.

    • RedDragon10

      Definitely a good starting amount. Hopefully, if they decide to make a sequel we can get a full story expansion instead of just the War of the best so characters like Lucci/Arlong can be playable.

      • I’d like Daz Bones, Kyros and Cavendish to be playable, either in a sequel or as DLC. Anything is possible.

  • Lifestreamer

    I’m less salty about the roster now, 40+ for a first game is quite impressive, seeing the last trailers and this I still ant to believe there are more to come ith DLC, even if spike is known for ignore such thing.

  • Bdock3601

    I think this game has landed as a Vita purchase. I’m not the most pleased by some of the character choices so instead of “play all the time” anime fighter, this will be another road game. Too bad, I really really wanted really specific things that just couldn’t be met with this….still a purchase tho

  • chris

    I wonder who the last two characters are going to be then? I also wonder what the bonus preorder logia character will be? I am guessing we will see capone in the game as he is not on the support roster but every other supernova are in the game so far and maybe we will see either pica or diamante as trebol is a support.

    Was really hoping to see characters like coby,tashigi,lucci,garp,daz bones, rayleigh,etc playable as they have been in previous games but I will take what we got as it will be a great game surpassing jstars and storm 4

  • Hagamatsu

    Do the alternate Luffys (Afro, KungFu) count towards the final roster or are we still getting 2 more characters?
    That being said, a lot of characters I wanted playable have 0 chances now that they’ve been confirmed supports…

    • chris

      I believe that those aren’t counted but I could be completely wrong being that gear 4th luffy would also be a seperate and would be above that 42 limit as we still have a preorder bonus logia user still waiting (my guess caribou as he has been in scans/videos and isn’t a support)

      Also hordy has to be one of the two remaining as he was in scans as well

      • Hagamatsu

        Hody wasn’t on that support list? Might be him then, yeah.
        Would’ve preferred Lucci or Caesar but still, good.
        And the mystery Logia user….Huh, I do seem to recall seeing Caribou on a scan (very pixely in the background but I guess that’s proof enough) We’ll see.

        • chris

          ya more than likely capone and hody since they have been shown not to be on the list but are shown on scans

    • All 42 have been shown off, a scan I`ve been working on will be up showing so. There are only 2 Luffys that are in the game that count towards the 42.

      • chris

        Is it the scan from WSJ? Also I am a bit sad to hear that all 42 have been confirmed as I was hoping for some surprise characters from the current manga arc

        *Spoiler* Jack, Neko/Inu *Spoiler*

  • Toph

    Jesus, Koala, Sengoku, X-Drake, Kidd, Jozu, Shanks over Ceaser, Arlong, Megallan, Rob Lucci, Bellamy, Monet tho