Shonen Anime Spring 2016 Lineup

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  • Puppet on a Lonely String

    It’s cool to know assassination classroom is continuing its anime since I just finished the manga somewhat recently

    • RedDragon10

      Apparently, the anime will finish up the manga. I hope they don’t take too much out though, but I could see them skipping some of the filler chapters.

  • CallMeTsuyu

    I thought Terrarformers was seinen. Neat list for all the action anime, though. Really excited about the MHA anime, and TSE looks cool. I need to watch Jojo’s sometime. I’m pretty interested in a lot of the anime this season.

    • Terraformars is seinen. However, it was included since titles from Weekly Young Jump are occasionally covered on the site.

  • Gammy

    Following: My Hero Academia and Jojo part 4 (I loved AC but I prefer the manga so I dropped the anime)…I am curious for Yugioh movie (the 1st season is the best)

    P.S. Terraformars revenge is an insult to everyone that loved the first season