One Piece: Burning Blood ‘WANTED Versus’ Mode details


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  • NZH97

    Thanks for the translation and I wish we could make the health bar go up

  • Kiera

    Only 16 Days and then I have it 😀

    • chris

      nice did you import it or get it from the Japanese PSN store?

      • Kiera

        Both, get Anison Edition ans buy it via PSN ^^

  • Alan Noacep Togente

    I wonder if the character unlock will be only for Wanted Mode or for the whole modes.

  • Lifestreamer DX

    “Wanted” is like the classic “ranked match “, just like the Gigant Battle games you can raise your bounty as more victories you get obviously, I just hope it proves to be an alternative way of unlocking content, and not a obligatory thing to get certain things like supports for example.

    It would be cool if there was way to customize your bounty poster, uploading pics and even more, I’m already bracing myself for the rage quitters though.

    • chris

      I could be wrong but I swore they said that if someone DC’s they would get a penalty and it would count as a loss for them and a win for the other

  • Wadan Khan