Weekly Shonen Jump Reveals Details on Kung Fu Luffy and the Sound 4


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  • Bdock3601

    Kung fu luffy actually sounds fun to play with. The sound 4, of course, are always welcome.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Same, but more than Kung Fu Luffy I want to know how Afro Luffy plays.

      • Lupin III

        “Since the dawn of time man has wondered if the champion makes the Afro or the Afro makes the champion… but that’s a question even modern science can’t answer.” -Ussop

      • chris

        Hey random question that I thought you guys may know. Can I play the Japanese version of OP BB on PS4 with a EU/NA version player of the game

        So Player 1/Me has Japanese version while Player 2 has EU/NA

        Also on the Japan PSN store the game is sold for 8200 and I believe 11000 Yen is the 11000 a collectors/special edition like the anison?

    • Puppet on a Lonely String

      Personally I feel like sound 4 should’ve been included without buying dlc while the actual dlc should be movie characters or something else

  • Kamuikenshi

    I hope we can choose 3 Luffy’s for our team.I’d love to have Gear 4 Luffy,Afro Luffy and Kung Fu Luffy at the same time xD

    • Angry Troll Face

      Of course you can. They’re seprate playable characters.

      • chris

        Maybe not because in storm 4 the different adult Naruto/Sasuke’s cant be used together

        For example SO6P Naruto with The Last Naruto can’t be used together even though they are separate playable characters

  • Angry Troll Face

    I didn’t expect we will get DLC after the game is released. Namco Bandai and Spike Chunsoft are actually putting effort into this game. I’m hype now! I hope there will be more new playable characters, arcs, stages, and costumes. However, I will keep my expectations low because the next scan might show Afro Luffy with other character’s costumes. I’m still looking foward into it though.

    Naruto Storm 4 news about Sound Four…Meh.

  • P Gilz

    I thought this was a new Naruto X One Piece game.

  • Hokage This Dick

    I guess those other DLC won’t be free for us.

  • Bobby Jennings/GodlessChaos

    I wonder when the sound four will release.

    • Kamuikenshi

      Sometime next month.

  • Pretty sweet! Shanks and Ace get their Strong World outfits, and Whitebeard gets his younger outfit!

  • Lifestreamer DX

    So we get 5 Luffys (PTS/TS/AFRO/KUNG-FU/G4)…for a first bb game, it’s plenty.

    I’m really glad about the exclusive attacks that each costume has, but Luffy is not a Kung-Fu user, they should stick to his regular “Rubber-Fu” to keep the character faithful moveset wise, but it’s just me, actually KF Luffy could be an alternate TS Luffy with different attacks like GGn Ufo/Jet Bullet/Jet Hammer/or even my favorite attack Luffy has in his entire arsenal: Eagle Bazooka, and the hypermove could be Elephant Gatling, and Afro Luffy could be an alternate PT Luffy with moves like GGn Hanabi/Tsuchi/Gigant Rifle and the hypermove has to be the “Flail”, to mimic he manga at the point.

    These Dlcs costumes are nice, I can’t remember Law being shirtless aside from figures and fanarts, but they have to appeal to this part of the fanbase I guess.