New Dragon Ball Fusions Scan Details 5 Character Maxi-Fusion + Dragon Ball Fusions Manga Info

In 3DS

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  • DeathPointZ

    Maxi-fusion huh? Things got even more interesting.

  • Angry Troll Face

    I hate you to bother you guys, but do you have a scan for One Piece Burning Blood or it’s the movie scan?

    • chris

      What scan are you looking for because the game is already out in Japan so there isn’t much else to show on it. The only scan available that is new is the new game mode announced recently.

  • Puppet on a Lonely String

    So why can krillin and piccolo fuse normally I thought that the people who use the normal method needed to have the same body type and be the same species hence the reason goku and piccolo never fused in dbz

    • TheGameTagerZ

      The game explains that they use special bracelets to fuse with each other.

      • Puppet on a Lonely String

        Oh okay thanks

      • Naruffy-Kun

        Yeah, but there’s normal fusion, EX fusion and Maxi Fusion now. EX Fusion uses the bracelets while Pillin is the result of a normal fusion, sooo.