New Dragon Ball Z Video Game To Be Announced Tomorrow


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  • AnonymousNaruto2000

    Fly through time, huh?
    Sounds like a Xenoverse sequel to me! ^_^

  • TheDBZSquirrel .

    i hope it’s not a Xenoverse 2

  • Angry Troll Face

    I didn’t have a problem with Dragon Ball Xenoverse, but I personally think Dragon Ball games should go back to it’s one on one old school traditional style fighting game instead of RPG type games. However, if it’s Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 or Dragon Ball Fusion, I will still support it and play it.

    They also said we might find a hint from the pictures. All I can say is the story mode might be long as sh#t with over 150 playable characters. I don’t know really. Just a guess.

    • randy191993

      Dragonball RPG’s can be really good. Legacy of Goku 2 and 3 was really good, as was Attack of the Saiyans

  • Chris Yang KuamXyooj

    I want Dimps to go back to 2D fighting style with a 3 vs 3 fighting system. You could switch partners like Marvel vs Capcom and also connect combo by it, but keep it like Budokai 3. PLEASE GRAT MY WISH SHEEEEEEEENLOOOOOOOONG!!!!!!!!!!

  • Do we really know if it’s going to be a “Z” game?

    • Angry Troll Face

      I know right.

  • Gohanks Yan

    I want a Xenoverse 2 to be a 2D version

  • randy191993

    Xenoverse 2 sounds likely. I’d love that. People gotta learn the Dragonball rule: Game 1 always sucks.

    Budokai 1 was pretty… ok. But not good, it had a lot of flaws, it only went up to the cell saga, sure it was a great hit because it was the first of it’s kind but looking back at it, it really wasn’t anything special. But Budokai 3 is still regarded as one of the best DBZ games of all times.

    Tenkaichi 1 was bad. It had bad camera controls, a very very basic fighting system, no in-battle transformations and a lacking storymode. Yet Tenkaichi 3 is still hailed as the best DBZ game of all time.

    Legacy of Goku 1 was bad. It was drawn out, grindheavy, had bad fighting controls, a subpar story. Yet 2 and especially 3 were really fun games.

    The Dragonball rule states that the first DBZ game of a row sucks. And the third is the best. So i say give us Xenoverse 2. And give us Xenoverse 3 after that. Those games will be a blast.

    • CUTLASS // 聖霊LINNE

      Well the first game is always a starting engine on things, and if sells well enough they touch on that engine and thus add things and fix things. Overall in my opinion it’s good when games get sequels, because it helps fix the previous games faults thanks to fan feedback mostly.

      • randy191993

        that’s exactely it. People just don’t really see that. They expect a perfect game every time. They won’t get that. The first one is just the foundation. And the foundation for Xenoverse was promising. Xenoverse 1 wasn’t a great game, but neither was Tenkaichi 1. So yes, i’m excited for Xenoverse 2


    XENOVERSE 2 would be great! I just hope it’s not another Mobile game, but at this stage in the game. We haven’t heard of a game for the home consoles in a while so I hope it’s either XENOVERSE 2 or that ZENKAI BATTLE port I have always dreamed of. Though it’s highly likely the former.

  • Teddy

    I like xenoverse the way it was, But I don’t like how the combos were for the created characters.
    I think we should be able to pick who we want to fight like. Everytime I played xenoverse I never really wanted to play as my created character I would rather use goku or kid buu or anyone else.
    So basically what I’m saying is I want my character to fight like goku or vegeta or anything more than what xenoverse had to offer, because it’s easy to figure out what someone is going to do when you know how every created character fights.
    They should have it to where depending on your race that you pick you can learn from different characters from the show and not just the specials moves the combos too or maybe, whoever is your master at the time that’s who’s combos you have.
    All I know is I played tenkaichi 2 all the way until tenkaichi 3 came out and never got bored and tenkaichi 3 is just number 1, burst limit all the way until now I will play the game until I beat it and never touch it again. Something has to change..

  • RedDragon10

    If it is Xeno2, a few things must be changed. Specifically the customization of transformations. Becoming Super Saiyan is way too cheap if I can just spam my ultimate for the entire battle.

  • Yvette Austin

    I hope they listen to the fans this time…I did that survey at least 30 times. ;-;

  • Enzevil

    Yep, I also think it’s going to Xenoverse 2. I enjoyed the first one so I don’t bother.