Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Announced for 2016 | Check Out The First Trailer


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  • Enzevil

    Looks great, looking forward to it!

  • The Unknown ME

    Awesome! I hope they fixed most of the bugs though.

  • Bobby/Godless

    I hope this ones balanced. Eh who am I kidding it probably won’t be

    • Enturax/Turbotrup

      It should be much more balanced than the previous one, because it got so much hate, they can’t be this dumb to ignore it, especially while during an interview they said that they are listening to the fans.

  • Hagaren

    They’re adding movie villains and other missing characters from the first one so that’s good.
    Now to tweak the gameplay and get rid of that terrible RNG.

    • Scott Baker

      Trouble is Bandai make monster hunter and are Japanese country. Dark souls demon soul ect are normal hard for Japan even hard mode on cyber sleuth I easly for them and rng as well. We get just translation id there games not change in difficulty suck it up cause Japan don’t care

      • chris

        I’m sorry but I can usually read comments from people that don’t speak English as a first or secondary language but I honestly can’t understand your comment you might want to retype it if possible. I am guessing you are saying that you think in Japan the difficulty is turned down for them but in the other regions it stays the same and that you want that to be changed as well?

        • Goku (Secret Senju)

          I think he’s saying the japanese are better at video games

  • randy191993

    Very good, exactely what i was hoping for. All Dragonball series’s had a very weak first game and then grew better with each title. So XV2 will probably be a really good game. And they added movies and specials it seems. Even better. Of course they have a lot to fix from the first game, but that’s okay, because i’m certain they will. They did for the transition from the mediocore Budokai to Budokai 2, from the terrible Tenkaichi to Tenkaichi 2, and they will for Xenoverse to Xenoverse 2. So keep it coming! I can’t wait.

  • Kiera

    Looks to similar to Xenoverse 1, will buy it some time next Year. Hope they built in Super.

    • Scott Baker

      You couldnty fly in xeno 1 also budokai 2 3 same. Tenkaichi 1 2 3 same. Ragin blast 1 2 same.

  • Jose Morales

    When the vjump comes out???

    • CUTLASS // 聖霊LINNE



    I am very excited for this game and the amount of content to likely come out of it. The missing Z characters, the movie characters and the rest of the GT characters! I’m also hoping for some Heroes content too and what-if scenario’s which is what the final part of the trailer seems to hopefully hint at. The new HUB world is beautiful and giving people the ability to fly in it is also great. Very open-worldy and it’s current gen only which is very good! Since it’s coming out this year I see it releasing around December. Really craving for more info about this!

  • Kurama_Kitsune

    well.. i hope this one can provide more transformation for custom saiyan characters

    • Bdock3601

      i’d hope they make it so that all races have better balance. saiyans were just super saiyan 24/7

  • chris

    I really hope they try to focus on the character creation system more to make it more appealing to play as your created character instead of just a series character (goku/vegeta etc) I also am hoping like everyone else that they try to fix the battle system and maybe implement more combos and fix the spamming of specials

  • Bdock3601

    first one was a little eh, but im still hyped at the possibilities

  • Scott Baker

    Already notice one thing that sucks. No future gohan look closely at trailer. You can see normal gohans spikey hair not flat hair at top like future gohan has. There to lazy to ad a unique look for future gohan again

  • Angry Troll Face

    Did you guys got the V Jump scan for this game?

    • Angry Troll Face


  • The first was awesome, can’t wait for the sequel! I’m hoping for a bigger character roster and more customization options for the races.

  • Chris Yang KuamXyooj

    I was kind of like this……… I just wanted my 3v3 Marvel vs Capcom budokai fighting style. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBywo0Ado4s

  • Kedrin Ianno

    It’s probably won’t come out till December