New Dragon Ball Fusions Scan Details The Battle System & First Print Bonuses

In 3DS

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  • randy191993

    So “to immediately use SSGSS Goku” means you can still get him playing normally, but using the code you get him at the beginning rather than somewhere at the very end right?

    Also, did anyone ever mention if there are in battle transformations yet or do you have to select which form you want to play as like you did in Tenkaichi 1?

    • DeathPointZ

      Yeah. that’s what early access means.

  • DeathPointZ

    So will you be doing a sub version for this trailer?

  • Gamejtv

    Different for a DBZ game. Not 100% on how the combat works but I feel like I can catch on if I try it.

  • SilverFN

    Does anyone knows a game with similar gameplay mechanics?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      The bottom screen coordinates look similar to what you see on Inazuma (at least from what I can remember).

      The game probably plays the same way as a standard rpg. You press a button and you see a cutscene action.

      • SilverFN

        Cool, thx for the fast reply.

  • DeathPointZ

    So this is a thought. We know that Gogeta and Vegito are gonna be in the game. And now with this EX fusion, what would Goku and Vegeta look like and be called?

    • Gammy

      The EX fusion just make possible the fusion of warriors with different power level. They will just fuse into Gogeta