Boruto: The Manga’s Second Chapter Cover Revealed

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  • HystericalGameZ

    The art isn’t so bad here tbh.

    • Skorm94

      True but I think Sasuke is too small in this. He looks like a younger, frailer version of himself. But overal yeah it’s better.

  • The cover art looks pretty good, usually the art style looks like a gross rip-off of Naruto.

  • Kamuikenshi

    I’d love to know how Sasuke escaped from Momoshiki and Kinshiki and if they had more interaction.All this makes me want those two even more as Storm 4 DLC but likely won’t happen ;(


    “Boruto the Manga has gotten some praise and criticism for the various things,”

    It got a lot of hate… I mean I think that’s what you were probably trying to say but didn’t.

  • PurexedSolitude;

    I’m sorry, Sasuke just looks terrible.

    • Cev256

      you gotta admit he looks a little better in color though then when we first saw him in chapter 1

    • Vincent Roberson

      I can’ lie. He really look terrible. Got him looking like a model.

  • tylerc23

    What’s with this Tan shtuff. Tan boots?? Why? They’ve always been black, because that’s what looks best. The belt on Sasuke is alright, but Boruto’s is stupid. And Boruto’s opened sandals are super girly.

  • tylerc23

    I like how Momoshiki used actual weapons not power weapons. Which is sarcasm, because it’s retarded.