Dragon Ball Super “Future Trunks Arc” Scan Reveals Black Goku & Future Mai

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  • TimePatroller

    Only things that can mess this up is Super episode 5 animation. I’m SUPER HYPED!!

  • slicer141

    the hype is too real

  • NatsuSDragneel

    I mean future trunks n the anime is the same one in XV but idk about this one cuz FT after beating cell n his world ended up being a time patroller

  • Brian Green

    Assuming this is Mai from Future Trunks timeline, isn’t she supposed be like 70?

    • Sávio Cross

      That’s why she’s not that Mai. This Mai is from the standard timeliine, where she and Trunks are the same age.

      • Achned Walters

        She could be Mais daughter I suppose…

        Since Piccolo is dead and dende never came to earth they couldn’t have made a wish to be young again…

        Unless they made that wish before the Androids Killed Piccolo

        But hang on I thought Trunks and the Supreme Kai of Time were a thing XD

    • PurexedSolitude;

      It’s obviously Mei that is a child just like Trunks in the present.

  • Rhafty

    from what I’ve read around demigra is a game only villain.. so this “might” not have a connection. but there’s also the theory about this “goku” is a fusion and ANOTHER one that this is yet another alternate world.

    … we will only know in the next episde of dragon ball super… wait..

  • Venzo Digital

    That’s not Goku. That’s Demigra in disguise! The real Goku died in this timeline. So this has to be Demigra disguised as Goku and call himself Black

  • Scott Baker

    i have theory roshi will use the evil contaiment wave and seal evil goku

  • Achned Walters

    My guess is he’s a creation of or under the control of a Makaioshin (Towa, Dabura, Demigra)
    Hence the Kai Earing.