One Piece Film Gold Scan Shows The Film’s Villain’s Shady Dealings with Doflamingo and More

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  • Scott Baker

    i tke it enel would beat this guy?

    • Bdock3601

      Well who knows? If anything this guy can probably turn his body to gold, in which case the electricity would just pass through him into the ground (or something else he is touching)

  • Bdock3601

    Well that’s gonna be cool. I had completely forgotten about the possibility of a Midas themed devil fruit

  • What an interesting development, Tesoro has illegal dealings with Doffy eh? I didn’t expect him to make an appearance in the movie! Lucci, Sabo, a bunch of popular characters are popping up!

  • Lifestreamer DX

    I know the movie is non canon, but I wonder what’s gonna be the excuse they will provide for Law’s absence, if I could make a comparisom it seems like he has control over gold in the same way Pica controls stone but with resistance and strenght comparable to DD, except weaker since I think Luffy has to take care of it himself.